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Kid Tags Are For Everyone! (Even Mom and Dad)

Kid Tags is easy enough for children to custom create their own bag tags in their favorite color, with a background theme of their choice, with all the information on them to help bring all the backpacks, sports bags, and daypacks home with them.

MARGATE, FL, August 22, 2010 ( What can go everywhere your kids go, are bright, colorful, and make sure that your kids are extra-careful about bringing their stuff back home? And even get used by Mom and Dad? According to Karen Berg, it's Kid Tags. It's no wonder; these tough, durable, and cheerfully-colored "by design" tags can be attached to everything from sleep-away bags to camp luggage, to school backpacks, sports gear and musical instruments.

Instead of a boring, plain adult-style luggage bag tags, on the Kid Tags web site kids can choose from a variety of bright background styles, colors and custom prints that are sure to stand out among other items stacked in the hallways of airports, school locker rooms and even a best friend's house. The theory tested at Kid Tags is that the one-of-a-kind bag tags will help any child remember and recognize their belongings and use extra care to claim them and make sure they return home. Giving Mom and Dad less headaches about finding missing, left-behind items, the super-strong bag tags can even be used as name tags to make sure that the kids themselves get back home.

"The idea for Kid Tags came from customers on our first site, Family Labels," says Karen Berg. "They made suggestions about the many uses for Kid Tags as well as artwork, colors and designs so kids could actually personalize their belongings themselves. This is why they take good care of them." Using the Kid Tags site and creating their own unique bag tags is easy, and children take pride in their work as well as their belongings.

Coming from large families, the creators behind Kid Tags "field tested" them with kids away from home on overnight trips and settled on more than 50,000 eye-catching, kid-oriented tags that are made from rugged, durable materials and printing processes that stand up even to expected normal wear and tear. Kid Tags can easily prevail over outdoor conditions and are guaranteed against breakage for 90 days. "If they don't," Karen Berg says, "we'll replace them".

"Things can get tough in a child's world, so we made Kid Tags just as tough." And exciting to look at, considering the myriad of designs, motifs, colors and print styles on the Kid Tags home page. Parents will not only save money on the tags, but also on replacing lost or neglected bags, luggage, and backpacks. Kid Tags has designs and artwork for children of all ages and tastes, from psychedelic swirls to sports themes to nature and flowers, to animals and even kid-friendly symbols and room to add their favorite slogans.

The Kid Tags site is not only easy to use, but gives little artists an opportunity to see full previews of just how their tags will look. Not only are the tags attractive and vibrant, but kids also get to show their awareness and support of world events and issues with tags like peace symbols, military camouflage, breast cancer and autism awareness, and environmental beauty. Kid Tags are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Florida and have even been tested in relentless sun, sand, and seawater conditions.

Moms, Dads, and siblings will find the ease and brightness of these labels irresistible, and just may decide to order their own. "Your kids - and you! - will say wow when you receive the tags," Karen Berg says. "Kid Tags are fun to make; order and use, and they make great gifts."

All Kid Tags products are proudly made in the USA and all products offered are exclusive fun and original designs at great prices. Catalogs available upon request or for more information contact Karen Berg toll free at 1-800-935-3864 or visit our website at

Kid Tags specializes in personalized luggage bag tags that are colorful, durable and stand out making it easy to identify belongings. Custom select the color and background image and fill out the information to be seen on each tag. It's that Simple, to view images visit


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As people handle more and more of life's affairs on the Internet, new categories of assets and information must be considered in any comprehensive estate plan. From creative works, photographs, and personal history to financial data, messages, and business records, a wide range of digital information should be inventoried and assessed to ensure its proper destination and control in the event of the creator's death or incapacity. As an example, a person entering his or her fifties may have a dozen or more years of personal and professional correspondence stored in a Yahoo ...


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[] Kid Tags Are For Everyone! (Even Mom and Dad)
Kid Tags is easy enough for children to custom create their own bag tags in their favorite color, with a background theme of their choice, with all the information on them to help bring all the backpacks, sports bags, and daypacks home with them. is a service of DragonFly Company. All Rights Reserved.
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