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Superior Announces its "Back to Green Campaign" for the Upcoming Fall Season

Superior Lamp Inc. intends to jump start its "Back to Green" campaign this coming fall, because over the summer months it is easy to lose sight of the benefits gained from using energy-saving lighting products.

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, August 17, 2010 ( Over the summer months it is easy to lose sight of the benefits gained from using energy-saving lighting products. We are all outdoors more often right now and can forget that the natural sunshine we are experiencing is already starting to set sooner and that the morning light doesn't rise as early as it did just a few weeks ago.

Superior is redoubling its efforts to inform the commercial market that it can go "green" while bringing the natural sunlight indoors for the benefit of all as the days grow shorter. "The combination of [our] hi-tech lighting products and the fact that these products save all their accounts on time, energy and effort has always been the keystone to our success," says Tom Mosher, a member of Superior's executive staff. Tom continues and announces that, "For companies considering the use of our quality products they will certainly receive the benefits from investing in their lighting products by gaining the advantages of working under "corrected light" and increasing "seeability".

Seeability is derived from the balanced light produced by their "Heavy Duty Xtrabrite fluorescents and, according to Tom, renders natural color and less eye-strain.

All of Superior's lamps offer these proven benefits and additionally last up to 24 times longer than conventional products. It's easy to see that the reduced number of bulbs used alone will decrease the recycling process by a tremendous amount. As for the labor involved in having to replace up to 24 lamps as compared to installing just one of the Superior Lamp heavy duty products, the savings become even more impressive.

America is constantly seeking out better solutions to daily workplace demands. Superior states that by using their quality heavy duty lighting products there are numerous benefits. Not only do their products offer the immediate user benefits, but the fact that their "Xtrabrite Fluorescents" are made in America with American components, greatly reduces the use of offshore considerations.

Superior continues to state that, "This fall we can all receive the benefits from using the right product for the right task. Heavy Duty Xtrabrite is the answer for today's problems. Save your company on time and effort while helping to save the environment for our children. This fall reignite your efforts to go green!"

For more information about Superior Lamp, please feel free to visitor their website at the following link: and their blog at the following link:


History of Universal Waste Containers and the Development of Packages Designed to Contain Mercury Vapor

Universal waste containers that could be transported by common carrier were first introduced in 1998. The first containers were primarily used to ship fluorescent lighting. Initially, these containers were simple corrugated boxes, with some including a plastic bag inside the box. Since the contents were made of glass, they were designed primarily to contain the contents within the shipping container. However, since mercury begins to vaporize at 70 degrees F, packaging improvements were needed to address the issue of potential mercury vapor release in the event of breakage ...

Enclosed Vision System with Camera, Lighting and PC Delivers High-Resolution Inspection for 25 Cm Console Audio System Control Face Plate

Enclosed Vision System with Camera, Lighting and PC Delivers High-Resolution Inspection for 25 Cm Console Audio System Control Face Plate
PPT VISION's IMPACT 9200 high-resolution camera (1600 X 1200 pixels) is used to inspect the face plate of a car stereo. The vision system is required to inspect the print quality of various text on panels, dials and buttons, as well as logos and labels. The vision system is also required to verify a small ID code located at the top right corner of the face plate. A high-resolution camera is required due to the print sizes compared to the size of the face plate, since a single camera is required to cover an inspection area that is approximately 10 inches wide. When the face ...

Maximize Performance With Servo Flexibility All Electric Core Pull

Maximize Performance With Servo Flexibility All Electric Core Pull
Exlar's all electric core pulls provide an easy retrofit to replace hydraulic cylinders for injection molders. The flexibility of the servo system allows the use of the existing hydraulic control switches for a near drop-in replacement. Additionally, servo systems eliminate lengthy start-ups and high maintenance, minimize cycle time and improve throughput. Exlar offers several families of all electric, servo linear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders. Choose from GSX Series, SR Series or FT Series actuators to fit different application ...

Gateway to Health & Performance Announces a Special Program Designed for Overweight and Obese Kids

Gateway to Health & Performance announces a special program to address the growing problems of childhood obesity, health and fitness. Your child's well-being is understandably your primary concern, and what better way to ensure it than to help them on the road to fitness and health? Our KidFit program does exactly that. This specially designed package combines exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education to help develop habits that will serve your child throughout life. An important feature of KidFit is the participation of a parent/guardian at no additional cost. ...

Real Estate Job Placements on the Rise According to UCI Center for Real Estate

Job opportunities within the real estate industry are on the rise for recent graduates, according to the University of California, Irvine's Center for Real Estate. The Center, which is part of the University's Paul Merage School of Business, cites a significant increase in job placements and inquiries for graduate students over the past two years. "We are definitely seeing a rise in real estate job inquiries and placements in spite of the recent credit crisis," said Tom Kozicki, Executive Director of MBA Career Services at the Paul Merage School of Business. "This includes ...

Research Study on For-Profit College Leads Released by Edu Direct Response

Amidst the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) recent crackdown on for-profit college's marketing practices, released a four month study on the demographics and mindset of internet users who fill out for-profit college forms. The official report, released on August 11th, analyzes data on 1000 prospective for-profit college students. The point of the study was to observe and analyze the actions of users who gave their contact information to be notified of for-profit education programs via email, physical mail and phone calls. The emphasis during ...

David Hasselhoff Gives Driving Advice, Directions as Latest Celebrity GPS Voice Download

Yes, it's true: former lifeguard, road-ripping crime fighter, and recent recipient of the hilarious Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff, David Hasselhoff, is the latest celebrity GPS voice download for Garmin and TomTom users worldwide. Available now exclusively from - the leading independent publisher of celebrity GPS voices - The Hoff will be right by your side to give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination without fear of drowning, being chased by nefarious syndicates, or being roasted by D-list comedians. Do you hate being Hoff route? Have ...

Executive Image International Offers Free Samples of RockHard Weekend

Executive Image International Offers Free Samples of RockHard Weekend
Executive Image International (EII) is excited to offer free samples of RockHard Weekend. You may have seen the manufacturer's new commercial on TV or the web and are interested in trying out this excellent product. We're pleased to offer this special online promotion at RockHard Weekend gets you hard in as little as 30 minutes and lasts up to 72 hours. RockHard is an all-natural male enhancement pill with a special blend of ingredients that safely arouse you without a prescription. Because it's also safe with alcohol, you can rock her hard ...

Top 5 IRA Mistakes Cost US Workers Thousands of Dollars

Personal finance expert Alyssa Holden has published a list of the 5 biggest mistakes that people make with their Individual Retirement Accounts. On her blog about IRA advice, Holden reports that in 2010, the average value of Individual Retirement Accounts in the United States fell to less than $28,000, the lowest number in a decade. This means Americans, many unemployed, must work even harder to pay for their retirement. Holden claims that often people's retirement savings are dismal because of simple mistakes. Individual Retirement Accounts confuse people, she says, ...

deVere Trains the Next Generation to CISI Standards

The programme will enable graduates to be qualified to CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment) standards and lead them into the roles of financial consultants within a year. The graduate programme will provide a few hand-picked graduates with the opportunity to become financial coordinators in one of deVere's many locations worldwide. Graduates will receive intensive training during this year-long period after which they will be asked to sit the CISI exam in order to be promoted to the role of financial consultant. Nigel Green, CEO of the deVere ...


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[] Superior Announces its "Back to Green Campaign" for the Upcoming Fall Season
Superior Lamp Inc. intends to jump start its "Back to Green" campaign this coming fall, because over the summer months it is easy to lose sight of the benefits gained from using energy-saving lighting products. is a service of DragonFly Company. All Rights Reserved.
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