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Clients' Bill of Rights: 2011

In order to help clients understand what they duties are and how to better obtain the benefits of the services they bargained for in retaining the attorney, I present this Clients' Bill of Rights.

June 11, 2011 ( Every year, I write hundreds of articles for the press dealing, in general terms, with new immigration laws, regulations and interpretations impacting hundreds of thousands of immigrants both inside and outside the US. Rather than start off this New Year with an article regarding new changes in the law or changing interpretations as to what can be done, legally, for clients in certain circumstances; I decided to publish an article about how things should be done, in practice, for clients seeking the highest quality legal representation. Clients should be aware that when they hire an attorney to represent them in their immigration matters, the attorney owes them several duties under both State Bar ethical rules and contract law. In order to help clients understand what they duties are and how to better obtain the benefits of the services they bargained for in retaining the attorney, I present this Clients' Bill of Rights.

First of all, you, the client, have a right to a competent consultation with the attorney whose representation you seek. This means that when you schedule your initial consultation appointment with the attorney, whether paid or free, you have a right to meet with that attorney and that attorney owes you a duty to listen to the facts of your case, review the procedural background and documents and render a competent opinion. You have a right to understand the strategy to be implemented in the case, such that the attorney owes you a reasoned explanation as to how he intends to go about helping you. You do not have to settle for meeting with a "paralegal" or "assistant" to start work on your case. If this is what the attorney's office presents to you as an appropriate starting point for your case; you have the right to walk out and consult with another attorney.

You also have a right to a written retainer contract, which must clearly describe the services the attorney will provide and how you are to pay for the services. State Bar rules require that the retainer agreement be sufficiently detailed so as to inform the client as to exactly what the contract includes. You have a right to know what you are paying for! In this regard, you have a right to be charged a fair fee for the services to be rendered. State Bar rules strictly prohibit an attorney from entering into an agreement for or charging an "unconscionable" or unreasonably excessive fee. Factors included to determine whether a fee is unconscionable include: The amount of the fee in proportion to the value of the services performed, the relative sophistication of the attorney versus the client and the uniqueness and difficulty of the questions involved and the skill required to perform the legal service properly.

One measure of a fee's reasonableness is also the standard or "going rate" for similar services among similarly competent and experienced attorneys in the same field. If you think you have been charged an unreasonable or unconscionable fee, you have a right to seek a second opinion on the case and also to seek State or local bar fee arbitration. If the attorney has violated his ethical duties to charge only a reasonable fee and not abuse his relative sophistication or, worse, coerces you into signing the agreement through exaggerated claims of the attorney's rate of success or fame, you have a right to walk away from the client and go to a higher authority. You also have a right to the benefit of whatever bargain you have struck with the attorney, which means you have a right to speak to that attorney, meet with that attorney or email that attorney and obtain satisfactory answers regarding any factors impacting your case as well as progress and developments. When you sign the retainer agreement, you should be facing the attorney you hire. Once you have signed the retainer and paid the attorney, you have a right to that attorney's representation. You did not hire a "paralegal" or the firm's office manager. If your calls are unanswered or you are only allowed to speak to the paralegal after you hire the attorney, you have the right to hire a new attorney who will honor the retainer contract and actively represent you; not hide behind a paralegal and ignore your phone calls and emails.

In addition to these rights, you also have the "self-evident" right to be treated with dignity and respect. Too often I hear stories from people who were denied access to their attorneys at other firms, only to be belittled and derided by the paralegals; when they finally get a chance to speak to the paralegal! When you hire an attorney, you are hiring a professional. A true professional will adhere to the rules of ethical conduct and basic human decency in carrying out his duties toward his clients. If you are receiving anything less from your attorney, you have the right to take your case, and hard-earned money, somewhere else.

Article provided by Hanlon Law Group, P.C.
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New substances added to HHS Report on Carcinogens

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today added eight substances to its Report on Carcinogens, a science-based document that identifies chemicals and biological agents that may put people at increased risk for cancer. The industrial chemical formaldehyde and a botanical known as aristolochic acids are listed as known human carcinogens. Six other substances – captafol, cobalt-tungsten carbide (in powder or hard metal form), certain inhalable glass wool fibers, o-nitrotoluene, riddelliine, and styrene – are added as substances that are reasonably anticipated ...

Nearby galaxy boasts 2 monster black holes, both active

Nearby galaxy boasts 2 monster black holes, both active
GREENBELT, Md. -- A study using NASA's Swift satellite and the Chandra X-ray Observatory has found a second supersized black hole at the heart of an unusual nearby galaxy already known to be sporting one. The galaxy, which is known as Markarian 739 or NGC 3758, lies 425 million light-years away toward the constellation Leo. Only about 11,000 light-years separate the two cores, each of which contains a black hole gorging on infalling gas. The study will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters. "At the hearts of most large galaxies, including ...

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Pennsylvania Superior Court Upholds $3 Million Verdict

The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently upheld the verdict for the estate of a woman who was 87 years old at the time of her death was awarded $3 million in a wrongful death action in Philadelphia. A Vibrant 87-year-old Jeanette Kessler went in for elective knee surgery. She was described by her lawyer, Ed Chacker, as a vibrant 87-year-old. She spent time with friends, took trips to Atlantic City, played cards and was the designated driver for dinner trips with friends. She took exercise classes weekly and participated in line dancing, he said. Chacker commented ...

Can small loans reduce poverty?

Can small loans reduce poverty?
Small loans, somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $500 dollars, are an increasingly popular weapon in the fight to reduce poverty. Called microcredit, institutions dole out these monetary advances to help extremely poor people engage in successful entrepreneurship and improve their quality of life. While proponents extol its virtues, researchers look for evidence; they want to know if it works. Does it really increase financial development and help individuals make solid monetary decisions as its supporters claim? "Microfinance works," said Dean Karlan, economics ...

NASA sees heavy rainfall in Tropical Storm Sarika

NASA sees heavy rainfall in Tropical Storm Sarika
Tropical Depression 05W has grown into a tropical storm and given the name Sarika as it heads toward China. Satellite imagery from NASA shows that the center of the storm seems to be separated from the strongest thunderstorms. The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite that is co-managed by NASA and the Japanese Space Agency measures rainfall in the tropics, and today's satellite imagery (June 10, 2011) on Tropical Storm Sarika shows that the heaviest rainfall (falling at 2 inches/50 mm per hour) is south of the center of the storm's circulation. That's ...

Who's My Lawyer?

If you are calling your immigration attorney's office and find yourself asking this question, your case may be in serious trouble. Recently, I have been contacted by scores of individuals seeking consultation on their cases because they cannot ascertain who is supposed to be taking care of their cases at the law firm they retained! Although this sounds absurd, the problem is that the "big" firms they hired have a serious problem with employee turnover: attorneys quitting their jobs and leaving their cases behind. People seeking an attorney are always in a vulnerable ...

Eye say, Adrian is still a powerful hurricane on NASA satellite imagery

Eye say, Adrian is still a powerful hurricane on NASA satellite imagery
Hurricane Adrian has been good at hiding his eye from satellite imagery over the last two days, but the latest Aqua and GOES-13 satellite imagery provides the best look at the eye, despite some overcast inside. The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite called GOES-11 captured a visible image of Major Hurricane Adrian on June 10 at 1601 UTC (12:01 p.m. EDT).The image, that shows the eye of the storm with some dense overcast in it, was made at the NASA GOES Project out of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. GOES-13 is managed by NOAA. When NASA's ...

Aer Lingus Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Aer Lingus has unveiled a new retro painted aircraft in the former 1960s 'Irish International' livery, to mark its 75th anniversary celebrations. The newest addition to the fleet, an Airbus A320- EI-DVM, MSN 4634 series, named 'St Coleman', was painted especially for the anniversary celebrations and unveiled at a ceremony at the iconic, Old Central Terminal Building Dublin airport - designed by the late Desmond FitzGerald. Cabin crew modelled vintage uniforms, from each decade beginning 1945 through to the current Aer Lingus uniform by acclaimed designer, Louise Kennedy. Speaking ...


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[] Clients' Bill of Rights: 2011
In order to help clients understand what they duties are and how to better obtain the benefits of the services they bargained for in retaining the attorney, I present this Clients' Bill of Rights. is a service of DragonFly Company. All Rights Reserved.
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