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How to handle a car crash in Maryland

Many people are injured in car accidents each year in Maryland, and many of them are entitled to recover compensation for their injuries.

February 22, 2013 ( How to handle a car crash in Maryland

Article provided by Schlachman, Belsky & Weiner, P.A.
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Car crashes happen every day. In early January, Baltimore saw a three-vehicle crash that left four people injured. The crash occurred at 7:30 in the morning between Ritchie Highway and Arnold Road. All four people were transferred to the hospital. The crash caused the road to be closed, and traffic to back-up.

As this incident shows, many people are injured in car accidents each year in Maryland, and many of them are entitled to recover compensation for their injuries.

What should people do after a car crash?

Right after the accident, it is important to move all cars to the side of the road or to a nearby parking lot in order to keep the roads cleared and avoid more accidents. If the cars cannot be moved, make sure to put on hazard lights, and keep seatbelts on until the police arrive.

The next step is to exchange information between all people involved in the car crash. Write down license plate numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers and car insurance information. Also, take down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the crash, as they may be able to provide valuable information in the future.

Next, take photographs of the crash scene. The police should do this as well. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles and the road conditions. In addition, people should try to write down anything they can remember about the crash, including the road conditions, the weather, how the crash was caused and what they were doing when the crash occurred. People will likely feel like they will remember the crash for the rest of their lives, but after a year or a few years it may be hard to remember.

It is also important to document any injuries. People should write down the names of the medical providers who treated the injuries. They should also keep a diary about how the injury affects their everyday lives and ask close friends and family members to contribute. Friends and family may have good insights into how the injured person has changed. Also, take photographs of the injury, and document the healing process.

Contact an attorney

Some people may be entitled to monetary damages after a car crash. If the driver who caused the crash was driving negligently by, for example, driving while distracted or driving while under the influence of alcohol, that person can be held responsible for his or her actions. A personal injury attorney can help the injured individual determine if he or she has a case.

The litigation process may be long, but an attorney can help by taking over this process and letting the injured focus on recovery. A personal injury attorney is also available to family members of those killed in car crashes.


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