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Educating the Consumers what D & R Energy Services believes in .

Learning about how Solar Power can help you

BRIGHTON, MI, August 15, 2010 ( Have you ever wondered how solar generated electricity could benefit you? Here are a few things to help you understand.

Did you know you could add value to your home even in these tough economic times? Imagine adding more money to your pocket if you decide to sell. Even Realtors agree that Solar PV (Photovoltaic) adds to the value and makes it easier to market and sell your home.

Many people ask how much money a solar system will cost. There is no standard answer to this question; it's like buying a new car. What options would you like to have? You can buy a "striped down" model or go all out. All depends on how much money you would like to spend on the options you want.

Solar PV systems can be designed to the amount of electricity you want to offset each month. If you would like to see a 50% offset then your monthly bill would be approximately half of what you're paying. Most consumers want to offset by 100% if possible and this can be done with no problem if you have enough space to install panels. Your installer can determine this for you very easily.

Incentives and credits play a big role in the cost of a solar system. The current Federal Tax Credit (30%) could save you $3,000.00 or much more off your system (cost of materials and installation). This credit is taken on your income taxes at the end of the year. If your tax burden is not enough to take this whole credit at once, it can roll over to the next year or out to as long as 2016.

Many utility's and states offer additional incentives and rebates to further reduce the cost of your system. Many times when you add up all credits, incentives and rebates the system cost is zero. That's right, zero. See your solar installer for all the details.

Net metering is another way to reduce the amount of money you pay each month to your local utility. Most states have adopted a Net Metering Law. This is where your electric utility installs a new digital meter on your home or business that can count backwards. Yes, backwards. As you produce power from your solar system it is run through this meter. During the day as you make electricity, any excess that you don't use is sent up onto the grid. This power then makes the meter count backwards so that you build credits.

At night when you can't produce electricity and have to take it off the grid, you use some of the credits you built up during the day. One nice thing is, you don't normally use as much power during the night time because you sleep for most of it. Then everything starts all over again in the morning, 365 days a year.
During the summer months you will build up more credits and these credits roll over month to month and year to year. Yes it is true that you may not produce as much energy during the winter months because of the amount of day light time available. On the other hand, in the Northern areas of the country that have snow, you can produce more power in one crisp clear winter day then on a cloudless summer day in July.

Many people see adding solar to their home as having strangers running in and out all day for weeks on end. That is not the case with solar. Most residential installs only take 3 days to complete and only require 1 person in your home. All other personal are outside your home on the roof or working in your yard, in the case of a ground mount system. A solar PV install is much cleaner on your home then standard renovations.

If you would like more information about solar PV or an analysis to see how much you can offset your electrical usage, contact your local Solar Installer and see what solar can do for you.

D and R Energy Services, Inc is A Renewable Energy Company. Our Services include Solar,Wind, Bio-Gas,Biomass and Hydro-Electric. At D and R Energy Services we try and educate our customers on the benefits of Renewable Energy,How it works and all of its advantages.For further information contact us 810-229-2390 or Toll Free 877-766-0664(Michigan) or visit our website at www.drenergyservices to learn more.


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[] Educating the Consumers what D & R Energy Services believes in .
Learning about how Solar Power can help you