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The Tasty-est Men in the UK Crowned

Tasty Bingo has a range of fantastic promotions. The main one would be the chance to win GBP2 million. That is a dream come true and Tasty Bingo can make that happen.

LONDON, ENGLAND, August 19, 2010 ( Brothers Luke and Mark Owen have been awarded the title of UK's Tasty-est men in the Shop Worker and Chef profession categories. The two who work at Morrisons and Crossways Brewers Fayre won after a search that spanned the nation. Women voted on the Tasty-est men in various categories and the brothers scooped the pool.

Luke was euphoric saying, "I can't believe we both won. We entered the competition as a laugh and didn't expect to win, but the fact that we both won is just brilliant!"

Women across the UK nominated their tasty-est man in a range of categories via Facebook and then voting took place to determine the winner of each category. Luke and Mark both won some great prizes including tasty treats such a gas BBQ and goodies worth GBP200 to enjoy throughout the summer.

There are still plenty of ways that you players can win big at Tasty Bingo. The online bingo site is giving its players the chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity. This opportunity is a bingo competition with GBP2 million riding on it. This happens every Saturday night at 9pm.

This exception bingo competition has a minimum prize of GBP150 and a maximum one which reaches seven figures. Cards for it cost GBP1 which is an investment which is easily worth it. There is no minimum amount of cards that a player can buy for this game but the maximum is 36. This game is only open to funded players so that is definitely more than enough reason why you should become one.

The winner will be the first player to complete the coverall pattern. In the event of there being more than one player to do this at the same time, the prize will be shared. There are many online bingo sites but there aren't that many that offer a two million dollar prize. There are so many ways that a prize of this magnitude would change your life. Is it no reason, why players find Tasty Bingo an online bingo site that leaves a great taste?

Apart from this promotion, there are plenty of other competitions and promotions happening. One such other is Hundreds and Thousands. One the last Friday of every month at 9pm, a guaranteed GBP1100 is up for grabs. This month, this will be happening on Friday August 28. Again the prize goes to the first person to bingo on the coverall pattern. They will win GBP1000 or share in it if there is more than one winner. Then the runners up with 1tg will split GBP100 between them.

On Sunday October 3 at 7pm, Tasty Bingo is giving its players the chance to win GBP2000 in the GBP2k Tasty Dream competition. There is a first prize of GBP1500 with GBP500 being shared by those with 1tgs. The winner will be the first players to bingo on the spots pattern. Cards for this game cost GBP1 but they can also be bought for 500 Tasty points. Tasty Points can be accumulated via a number of different means. For all of these you should check the Tasty Bingo website.

For emailing in and writing how you would spend the GBP2k prize you will earn 50 points. The judges say that that funnier, the better. Any bingo on the Star and Letter D pattern is good for 5 points. Every GBP1 wagered at the bingo will earn a player, two points, while every GBP20 wagered at the InstantGames will earn the player a point. The stories for this should be emailed to and each player can only submit one story. Again this is only open to funded players.

What better way is there to start off your Saturday night than a bit of bingo? Every Saturday night at 7pm, players have the chance to eat well courtesy of the GBP50 Saturday Night Takeaway. Cards for this game cost just 2p. When was the last time anyone bought anything worthwhile for 2p? The winner will be the player to first bingo on the S pattern. What a tasty prize!



Conway Magistrate Judge Avoids DUI Charge

Driving under the influence in South Carolina is illegal no matter who you are, but everybody gets their day in court. A magistrate judge from Horry County was cited back in April by a Myrtle Beach patrolman after he performed a U-turn on a two-lane road. He was later released after posting $997 bond for the drunk driving charge and $133 for driving left of the center line. At a late June court date, the judge forfeited his bond on the basic traffic offense, but the DUI charge was later dismissed by prosecutors in the 12th Circuit Solicitor's office, who did not comment ...

Jails Hold More Mentally Ill Persons Than Hospitals

According to a new study, states such as Texas, Nevada and Arizona have far greater numbers of mentally ill persons housed in state prisons than in hospitals. The study, "More Mentally Ill Persons are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals: A Survey of the States," was released in May by the Treatment Advocacy Center and the National Sheriffs' Association. The study used data from 2004 and 2005 gleaned from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Bureau of Justice Statistics to compare the number of inmates with mental health issues in state jails and prisons ...

Prevent Back Injuries

Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that muscle strain is one of the most common on-the-job injuries and medical problems in America. Some 80 percent of all Americans will experience some level of severe back pain in their lives and, as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests, work-related injury is the leading cause. The CDC found that improper lifting of heavy objects and protracted sitting are among the leading causes of work-related back pain. Exerting too much force, repetition and stress on your back, in conjunction ...

Bankruptcy and Taxes: What Can Be Discharged?

Many people incorrectly believe that they cannot discharge unpaid tax debt in bankruptcy. While this is a very complicated area of bankruptcy law, it is possible to obtain a bankruptcy discharge of many tax debts, including the penalties and interest owed thereon. In fact, bankruptcy can be the best available option for individuals with unpaid tax debt to relieve some or all of the financial and personal hardship caused by owing money to the IRS. Five Criteria for Discharging Tax Debt Dischargeability of tax debts depends on many factors. The most common tax debt ...

Three Year Anniversary for Maryland's Violence Prevention Initiative

In 2007, Governor Martin O'Malley in conjunction with the Department of Probation and Parole (DPP) introduced the Violence Prevention Initiative to identify and supervise the most violent offenders in Maryland. The ultimate goal of the program is to stop the revolving door for serious offenders in the criminal justice system by better monitoring their behavior through strict supervision requirements. The Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) turns three years old this summer and will receive an award for innovation from the National Criminal Justice Association in August. ...

Foreign-born Doctors Care on Par With U.S. Trained Physicians

Medical schools in the United States are considered to be some of the best in the world. As a result, there is a tendency to believe that doctors trained outside of the United States will somehow offer care that is inferior to physicians educated in the U.S. However, a recent study in the journal Health Affairs seems to contradict this assumption. According to the American Medical Association, graduates of international medical schools have been an integral part of the medical community since the 1940s. Today, of the roughly 950,000 doctors practicing in the U.S., there ...

Rackspace Hosting Announces General Availability of Cloud Servers for Windows

Rackspace Hosting, the world's leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing, has announced the general availability of its Cloud Servers for Windows offering. The new service delivers a highly scalable environment ideal for Windows-based hosting, testing and developing applications and supporting the high levels of traffic required for launching online gaming platforms or the next social networking phenomenon. Designed for small to medium businesses, .NET developers, system administrators, IT Pros, and current Rackspace customers, Cloud Servers for Windows features ...

The Harley Medical Group Reports Boom in Pre-Wedding Breast Enlargement

The Harley Medical Group has reported that, with the wedding season at its peak, there has also been a corresponding significant rise in breast augmentation surgery. Determined to look perfect on their big day, brides are taking the plunge and booking in for a boob job for additional confidence on their big day. As a result, breast enlargement is top of the ops this summer across the Group's 30 clinics in the UK and Ireland. Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, "The big wedding is certainly in vogue in 2010, so pre-wedding procedures are right ...

The National Trust Opens Tom-Foolery at Wimpole this August

The National Trust is opening Wimpole Home Farm for its tenth Tomato Festival on the 21st and 22nd August, allowing tomato enthusiasts to see, smell and taste over 50 different varieties of one of Britain's best loved fruits. Varieties which are available for sampling will include 'orange strawberry', a heart-shaped, deep orange tomato with a strong and sweet taste, and 'black zebra', a deep burgundy tomato, with a sweet, juicy taste. Tomato experts will also be on hand to offer advice and encouragement to visitors interested in growing and enjoying home-grown tomatoes, ...

Bruegger's Jazzes Up Facebook Fan Page

Brueggers Jazzes Up Facebook Fan Page
Bruegger's loyal Facebook fans will be dancing to a new beat starting this week. Through a partnership with social media marketing group, SocialGrub, Bruegger's current and new fans can download up to six free songs by indie-rock favorites such as The Almost and Seabird. To access the free downloads, Facebook users can click on one of Bruegger's Facebook ads promoting the offer, or on the tab dedicated to the "Music Showcase" on Bruegger's Facebook page. Users need only to "like" Bruegger's first, then gain access to a music samples and downloads from some of American's ...


How your brain decides blame and punishment -- and how it can be changed

Uniquely human brain region enables punishment decisions

Pinpointing punishment

Chapman University publishes research on attractiveness and mating

E-cigarettes: Special issue from Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Placental problems in early pregnancy associated with 5-fold increased risk of OB & fetal disorders

UT study: Invasive brood parasites a threat to native bird species

Criminals acquire guns through social connections

Restoring ocean health

Report: Cancer remains leading cause of death in US Hispanics

Twin study suggests genetic factors contribute to insomnia in adults

To be fragrant or not: Why do some male hairstreak butterflies lack scent organs?

International team discovers natural defense against HIV

Bolivian biodiversity observatory takes its first steps

Choice of college major influences lifetime earnings more than simply getting a degree

Dominant strain of drug-resistant MRSA decreases in hospitals, but persists in community

Synthetic biology needs robust safety mechanisms before real world application

US defense agencies increase investment in federal synthetic biology research

Robots help to map England's only deep-water Marine Conservation Zone

Mayo researchers identify protein -- may predict who will respond to PD-1 immunotherapy for melanoma

How much water do US fracking operations really use?

New approach to mammograms could improve reliability

The influence of citizen science grows despite some resistance

Unlocking secrets of how fossils form

What happens on the molecular level when smog gets into the lungs?

Using ultrasound to clean medical instruments

Platinum and iron oxide working together get the job done

Tiny silica particles could be used to repair damaged teeth, research shows

A quantum lab for everyone

No way? Charity's logo may influence perception of food in package

[] The Tasty-est Men in the UK Crowned
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