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Atlanta Tree Service Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts Tout the Benefits of Healthy Shade Trees for Summer

Atlanta tree trimming company, Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, reminds homeowners that healthy shade trees can block summer heat from homes, reducing energy costs.

ATLANTA, GA, May 17, 2012 ( Atlanta tree service Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts reminds Atlanta homeowners that healthy shade trees can reduce their cooling bills by 30% this summer.

"Shade trees can absorb and block sunlight that would otherwise enter your home and increase your cooling bill," explains Gary Robertson, owner of Atlanta tree removal company Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. "Having well cared for shade trees makes them more efficient at keeping your house cool, which keeps your air conditioning from having to work as hard."

Before the heat of summer settles in, it is important to contact Atlanta tree services provider Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts to ensure that your shade trees are at their healthiest so that they can grow the leaves they need to keep your home in the shade. The ideal time to have this service done is before budding for spring growth begins so that Atlanta arborists from Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts can prune your trees while encouraging growth.

Early detection of shade tree illness by Atlanta tree services can allow your tree the opportunity to get the treatment it needs and the time it needs to heal. Atlanta tree trimming company Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts can provide your tree with helpful injections to boost immunity, fight infection, and ultimately reach its true growth potential. With the best growth for your Atlanta tree comes the best shade, helping to bring down your energy costs all summer long.

To learn more about Atlanta tree services offered by Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, please visit their website at

About Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts:

Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts specializes in Atlanta tree removal and uses only the best arboricultural practices. Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts is licensed and insured, and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association.

For more information, visit:

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Anne DeVito
Project Coordinator
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Georgia Health Insurance Provider McCart Insurance Discusses Pre-Existing Conditions

When looking for Georgia health insurance, many individuals and families are very concerned about pre-existing conditions and how they will affect their insurability. McCart Insurance, a provider of Coventry of Georgia healthcare, wishes to explain why insurance companies can be concerned about pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are any health concern that an individual has before they begin their health insurance coverage. These can be as simple as asthma or allergies, or as challenging as heart disease or cancer. Normally, pre-existing conditions have ...

Atlanta Junk Removal Experts Haul Masters Proud to Be Featured on Hoarding: Buried Alive

Atlanta Junk Removal Experts Haul Masters Proud to Be Featured on Hoarding: Buried Alive
Atlanta roll off dumpster rental provider Haul Masters is pleased to announce that they were featured on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive as junk removal experts. Haul Masters was featured during episode 9 of season 4, titled "Are You Serious?" Hoarding: Buried Alive takes an in-depth look at the lives of hoarders, individuals who have the compulsion to seek comfort through over-filling their lives with material goods as a way to compensate for loneliness or trauma. The show focuses on the personal relationship the hoarders have with their families and friends, ...

Chocolate and diamonds: Why volcanoes could be a girl's best friend

Chocolate and diamonds: Why volcanoes could be a girls best friend
Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered a previously unrecognised volcanic process, similar to one that is used in chocolate manufacturing, which gives important new insights into the dynamics of volcanic eruptions. The scientists investigated how a process called 'fluidised spray granulation' can occur during kimberlite eruptions to produce well-rounded particles containing fragments from the Earth's mantle, most notably diamonds. This physical process is similar to the gas injection and spraying process used to form smooth coatings on confectionary, ...

Atlanta Moving Company A.C. White Offers United Van Lines' Straight Talk Advantage Program

Atlanta Moving Company A.C. White Offers United Van Lines Straight Talk Advantage Program
The Atlanta movers at A.C. White wish to remind the public that as agents for United Van Lines, they offer United's Straight Talk Advantage program to all of their moving clients. Agents for United Van Lines, like A.C. White Relocations, understand that there are countless potential complications that can occur with a move. Because it can be difficult to predict the complications that could happen with an individual move, Atlanta moving company A.C. White Relocations offers their clients United's Straight Talk Advantage program. The Straight Talk Advantage program ...

Now Enjoy J. Martinez & Co. Coffee with Reusable K-Cups

While the convenience of the K-Cup is attractive, the cost and impact on the environment is truly prohibitive. When applying basic mathematics, one will discover that Folgers coffee purchased in K-Cups costs the consumer more than $50 per pound. Yes, that is more than some of the premium gourmet coffee in the world, including Jamaica Blue Mountain and 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee. With most premium specialty coffee topping out at $20 per pound, it is a wonder why anyone would pay more than twice as much for inferior coffee. The fact is that convenience often carries a high ...

Agricultural expert outlines path for developing nations to double food production, meet 2050 demand

Like countries throughout the world, Malaysia will need double its current food production by 2050 due to population growth and rising living standards. At a meeting today in New York with Malaysia's Prime Minister and other senior leaders, a renowned international agricultural scientist says meeting that daunting challenge is possible but results will be gradual and efforts must begin now. Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen, President and Chairman of the Executive Board, Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands, detailed ways to secure the future of the country's ...

Georgia Pest Control Company Team Pest USA Warns Homeowners That Warm Winter Means Early Mosquitoes

Georgia Pest Control Company Team Pest USA Warns Homeowners That Warm Winter Means Early Mosquitoes
Georgia pest control company Team Pest USA warns Atlanta homeowners that a warm winter can cause an early mosquito presence. With the particularly mild winter Atlanta has had, early Atlanta mosquito control will be essential to ward off mosquitoes later this Spring and Summer. "Mosquitoes usually start to wake up during late February when we have a normal, cold winter," notes Brandon Pelfrey, owner of Team Pest USA. "However, with the unusually warm winter we've had this year, mosquitoes are already coming out in full force. Early mosquito prevention is ...

Geoscience Currents 59 quantifies students' attitudes toward pursuing geoscience

Alexandria, VA – In continuation of the Geoscience Academic Provenance research series conducted by Houlton (Geoscience Currents 45-48, and 57-58), Geoscience Currents 59 presents quantitative data collected from participants through a Likert-based survey. Participants were asked to rate their feelings toward geoscience on a scale from 1 to 7. The aggregated responses illuminated the changes over time in the students' attitudes toward pursuing geoscience. A copy of Geoscience Currents 59 can be found online and downloaded from ...

Humanist funerals

Funeral directors need to be aware of the needs of non-religious people. A unique investigation into the subject funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) provides a snapshot of a defining aspect of life - or indeed death. "The issue of death is one of the most important incidents that all societies deal with," says Dr Matthew Engelke, at the London School of Economics. "I wanted to look at how, in contemporary society, people who do not believe in an afterlife are commemorated at a funeral." To carry out the research, Dr Engelke focused on funerals ...

Life-saving primary PCI rising in Stent for Life countries

Paris, 16 May 2012: Life saving primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) treatment is increasing in countries participating in the Stent for Life Initiative. These achievements and other activities will be revealed at EuroPCR 2012, 15-18 May, in Paris, France. EuroPCR is the official annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI), a registered branch of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The Stent for Life Initiative is driving equal access to PPCI in heart attack patients across Europe. The mission ...


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