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Why Don't Fad Diets Work?

Everyone who suffers from obesity has probably tried nearly every diet program on the market without success. Why do diets and exercise programs fail?

DEMING, NM, August 22, 2010 ( One of the many diet and exercise programs that has come and gone over the years was the Susan Powter diet. Her "Stop the Insanity" program said that it was "fat that was making us fat." It is true that Americans consume too much fat in their diet. Corn fed beef is full of fat. It is not natural for cows to eat corn; but that's how meat producers supply our demand. Instead of yielding more beef this process generates more abnormal fat. The cows are also fed bovine growth hormones which make them quickly gain weight to bring more dollars at slaughter. This combination causes the meat to contain about 20% more fat than range fed cattle. But, since the "Stop the Insanity" program was introduced in the 1990's, the obesity problem has continued to increase.

Another diet fad in early 2000 was the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins said that a high protein diet was the way to lose weight. He did not care how much fat was consumed as long as the diet was high in protein and low in carbohydrates. He said that protein is broken down slower by the digestive system forcing the body into a state of ketosis. This state would burn fat and not store it. This was a promising diet; however, the rate of obesity continues to climb.

So, why didn't these diets work? Something else must be going on because all the diets and drugs that Americans have used continue to yield poor results. One doctor in the 1940' and 1950's studied obesity as a disease. His name was Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He was in India when 6,000 underfed Jews were released from a Soviet prison camp during World War II. He saw 85% of them go from emaciated to obese in about three months. This happened in a world with only 1% of the population being obese. This spurred him to spend the rest of his life studying what he believed was the disease of obesity.

Dr. Simeons concluded that obesity had to be caused by a malfunctioning gland in the body. He started with the thyroid, as most modern doctors still do today, but it yielded no results because deposits of abnormal fat take no part in the body's energy turn-over which the thyroid regulates. Then he moved to the pituitary gland because it controls the thyroid. This also proved disappointing because his research failed to provide any value in the treatment of obesity. The next glad he studied was the hypothalamus because it controls the pituitary gland. He found that the hypothalamus controls fat storage, metabolism, and hunger among a host of other functions in the body.

His research found that the hypothalamus could be damaged and when it is damaged wrong signals are sent to every part of the body. In the 1950's there were only two ways the hypothalamus could become damaged: (1) heredity and (2) a shock to the body. The hypothalamuses of the Polish Jews were damaged due to starvation for many years. Once they started eating regularly their bodies began storing abnormal fat as a survival method. Obesity set in as their bodies stayed in the survival mode of storing fat but never accessing the nutrients and energy stored there.

Today, there is another way the hypothalamus can be damaged. We are ingesting excitotoxins, chemicals, and preservatives that Dr. A. T. W. Simeons never saw at the time of his research. These poisons are damaging our hypothalamus and, just like the Polish Jews of World War II, our bodies are going into the survival mode. The body is storing fat to survive, but never uses that stored fat. Every time we eat the body stores fat and we become hungry. When we eat again the body stores fat and we want a snack.

Dr. Simeons discovered that the only way to heal the hypothalamus and allow the body to use the stored fat was with the developmental hormone hCG (human choronic gonadatrophin). Until the hypothalamus is healed using hCG permanent weight loss is at best a failure. For more information on hCG; go to

Obesity Disease Center is dedicated to helping those with obesity and overweight issues. For further information please go to


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