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Baltimore Medical Malpractice lawyers in Action

Baltimore Medical Malpractice lawyers in Action: make a difference in the system so that the next patient gets the appropriate care they are entitled to.

BROOKLYN, NY, August 22, 2010 ( The cost of healthcare in the United States is on the rise. But, despite this exponential increase, there is still a failure of the American Medical System to police its own and monitor those healthcare practitioners who fail to follow the standards of care required of each, in their respective fields of medicine. Filing a claim for medical malpractice is the patient's chance to right the wrong that has been done to him or her, not just by recuperating a monetary award to cover expenses and damages, but to also make a difference in the system so that the next patient gets the appropriate care they are entitled to.

As a direct result of the systemâEUR s failure to ensure quality control when it comes to malpractice in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, there is a greater need than ever for a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer. Medical Malpractice occurs when an individual or organization in the healthcare industry fails to follow the standard of care required of him/it when treating a patient/resident. These failures can be perpetrated by physicians, surgeons, specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, hospitals, clinics, labs, and nursing homes. A medical malpractice arises when an individual/organization has failed to follow the standard of care, and a result of that failure, the patient/resident is injured and sustains damages as a direct result of those failures. Damages can include (but are not limited to) past and future medical care that would not have been necessary but for the negligent acts, lost wages due to the inability to work because of the injuries sustained due to the negligent acts, and pain and suffering that would not have been endured but for the negligent acts.

Medical malpractice claims can range from physician negligence, to hospital negligence, to nursing home negligence (including falls and bedsores), to birth injuries (including cerebral palsy), to wrongful death claims. These claims can be made by the injured victim, or if the victim has died, by the surviving family members. If you believe that you, or a loved one, have been the victim of medical malpractice, then you are in need of an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers, such as those at The Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, LLC, where they can help you and your family navigate these complex medical/legal waters. The firm also handles these claims throughout the state of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and New York.

In addition to handling medical malpractice claims, the Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, LLC have Baltimore Personal Injury lawyers who handle personal injury claims in Baltimore, throughout the state of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and New York. Personal injuries are those injuries sustained as the result of anotherâEUR s negligence (where someone has not followed the ordinary care required of them in a given situation.) Personal injury claims include slip and fall claims, auto accidents, and injuries sustained while working (aka WorkerâEUR s compensation claims.) They can range from soft tissue injuries requiring therapy, to back and knee injuries requiring surgery, to severe spinal cord and brain injuries. Personal injuries can be temporary or permanent, and when severe enough, can result in death.

If you, or someone you know, has been injured, or has died, as the result of someone elseâEUR s negligence, then it is crucial that Baltimore personal injury lawyers, such as The Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, are retained immediately. The Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, have been helping injured victims and their families get the compensation that is needed to help them through these difficult times. You need an attorney who can help navigate you through the medical providers, insurance companies, employee benefit providers, opposing counsel, and help ensure that you are taken care of and compensated, without suffering any further as the result of someone elseâEUR s negligence.

Please visit The Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, LLC at, or call 410-864-8491 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              410-864-8491      end_of_the_skype_highlighting today for a free consultation regarding your medical malpractice or personal injury claim. The Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, LLC, Let Our Family Help Yours.

Alica Miller
Law Offices of Annie B. Hirsch, LLC
Baltimore, MD
409 Washington Avenue
Suite 610


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