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Cooking Presentation Tips Win the Attention of Restaurant Owner Geoffrey Cambal

Restaurant owner and master chef Geoffrey Cambal responds to advice on how to make food look as good as it tastes.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 26, 2013 ( A recent article in outlines the approach to the presentation of food, something culinary expert Geoffrey Cambal values in the profession. As a trained chef who works and plays with his food, he believes there is more involved in the culinary experience than simply the pallet. He values exceptional menu design and food presentation, calling them both key elements to any restaurant's success.

The article points out that as a chef, "what you're serving should look nice. You want to honor your own effort and the ingredients." Geoffrey concurs with this sentiment, noting that "when the food looks extravagant, your guests will expect it to taste just as wonderful. You're setting them up for an exquisite experience." The writer of the article also suggests that while passing food in platters is charming in an informal way, it can disrupt the flow and experience. The report mentions that "serving dishes always end up at one end of the table or the other, crowding the unfortunate guests nearby."

The renowned chef-restaurateur weighs in on the challenge of composing dishes like a professional. "Lighting is everything," he said. "Everything should look better on the table than it did in the kitchen. Also, invest in large, white plates, because they flatter food, making the presentation much more enjoyable."

The report continues onward with the discussion of plates and how they affect the overall look of food by noting that large, white plates are versatile, and that flat plates are "much easier to work on and more inspiring." Geoffrey brings up the delicate balance of adding color through spice apple ring garnish and whatever else might enhance the dish. "You don't want to force it, though. Adding a splash of color will make the dish look even more enticing, but it's important not to fill up the size of the place," he said. "The extra white space adds a lot to the overall presentation."

His perception on creating space aligns with the writer's idea of creating a canvas, giving the food "room to breathe." The report notes that "white space is a good thing. But don't trap a negative/empty space in the middle of the plate." The writer also emphasizes the details most guests don't even realize makes a difference in the presentation of food, setting quality dining experiences apart. "Neatness counts. Establish a focal point," the writer mentions. "Asymmetry is pleasing." Geoffrey weighs in on the importance of design by approaching menu presentation. "Busy, jumbled menus will just confuse diners," he said. "Don't use too many different fonts, type sizes or cluttered text." As a restaurant owner, he understands the importance of introducing customers to your cuisine with the menu cover. "While the focus is always on the food and not the menu design, you don't want to neglect that first impression," said Geoffrey Cambal.


Geoffrey Cambal is a multitalented chef and entrepreneur. He received a BS in Culinary Arts in 2007 to pursue his culinary dreams of owning a restaurant. He established a versatile culinary education, quickly earning the praise of locals. His restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, but features a diverse range of other styles. His wife serves as the head manager.


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[] Cooking Presentation Tips Win the Attention of Restaurant Owner Geoffrey Cambal
Restaurant owner and master chef Geoffrey Cambal responds to advice on how to make food look as good as it tastes.