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Salon and Spa Galleria Adds Arlington Location

Entrepreneur owner offers marketing training and free website to tenants. An Arlington salon reopens its doors with a new marketing strategy for both customers and tenants.

Salon and Spa Galleria Adds Arlington Location
FORT WORTH, TX, January 08, 2011 ( An old dog learns new tricks as an Arlington salon reopens its doors with a new marketing strategy for both customers and tenants. Every specialist who rents a studio at the Salon and Spa Galleria will receive a free page on the salon's search engine-optimized website.

"It's more than just a profile page with a picture and contact information," says the owner of the salon. "It's a personal salon blog they can use to connect with their client bases. Every blog posting makes their page that much more optimized for Google, thus getting them that much more exposure on the web."

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a set of techniques and strategies that web developers use to make their websites appear on Google searches more frequently and closer to the top of the list. What this means for Salon and Spa Galleria is that when someone searches the Internet for "hair styling" or "health spa in Arlington," their website will appear near the top of the list of websites.

Just by renting a studio, every tenant will not only receive a personalized webpage, but it will be one that thousands of people will see daily. "While most cosmetologists and estheticians are responsible for building their own client bases through networking and word of mouth, the Salon and Spa Galleria provides a wealth of additional opportunities to find new clients, with barely any extra effort on their part. It's really just a matter of keeping up with a personal blog on our website, and our marketing and web teams do the rest."

The owner believes that SEO is the future of online marketing. It has worked wonders for larger businesses such as Fort Worth-based RDS Real Estate over the past several years, and as the Internet continues to change and evolve, SEO will evolve with it. It's best to get onboard now rather than later. This way, and other websites like it will get a head start on the competition once SEO becomes mainstream.

Arlington health & beauty specialists are getting a head start on the competition by renting studios at Salon and Spa Galleria, equipped with complimentary search engine optimized webpages.

For more information about Salon and Spa Galleria and how SEO can help salon specialists market their services, visit or call (972) 691-7300.

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Salon and Spa Galleria Adds Arlington Location


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Ammonites dined on plankton
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When its cool, female butterflies chase males in sex role reversal
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[] Salon and Spa Galleria Adds Arlington Location
Entrepreneur owner offers marketing training and free website to tenants. An Arlington salon reopens its doors with a new marketing strategy for both customers and tenants.