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International Neuromodulation Society 16th World Congress to be Held in Vancouver in May 2024

Global experts gather and explore advances in neuromodulation at the INS 16th World Congress, "Neuromodulation: harnessing the power of the nervous system"

International Neuromodulation Society 16th World Congress to be Held in Vancouver in May 2024
( Vancouver, BC – The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) announces its 16th Scientific World Congress in the breathtaking city of Vancouver, Canada, from May 11-16, 2024. This event, "Neuromodulation: Harnessing the Power of the Nervous System," is set to gather over 1,500 experts from over 40 countries –– with researchers presenting more than 460 abstracts –– all dedicated to advancing research, clinical application, and development in the field of neuromodulation. 

This multidisciplinary program will draw clinicians, engineers, scientists, post-doctoral fellows, current students, and device manufacturers, and attendees can look forward to: 

A Scientific Program that encapsulates topic streams of Neuropsychiatry, Pain, Brain, and Organ topics Applying new scientific data and clinical guidelines to improve patient selection and treatment outcomes. Understanding the potential benefits, limitations, and complications of neuromodulation therapies. Engaging in in-depth discussions on the anatomy, physiology, and psychological aspects influencing neuromodulation outcomes. Exploring cutting-edge neuromodulation therapies, research trends, and bioengineering challenges. The Congress will kick off with an Innovation Day featuring state-of-the-art lectures and presentations on groundbreaking technology and the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation program. 

Nursing and allied health peers come together for an engaging workshop with Basic and Advanced morning tracks featuring interactive presentations, followed by a unified afternoon session.

The INS will bestow the Giant of Neuromodulation Award, the society's highest honor, to Dr. Giancarlo Barolat, former INS president and pioneer in the field, who has dedicated his over 40-year career to treating complex chronic pain and spasticity with spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation.

The INS will also institute a new Champion of the INS Award, recognizing Dr. Fabian Piedimonte, founding president of the Argentinean Neuromodulation Society and former INS treasurer, for championing the INS and neuromodulation education, best practices, and therapy access throughout Latin America. 


Pre-conference workshops will include: 

May 11,  2024: “Understanding Neuromodulation of the Brain and Spinal Cord” – a free educational event open to the public, where global experts and patients speak to life-changing neuromodulation therapies like deep brain stimulation, spotlighting effective management of conditions including chronic pain and Parkinson's disease.

May 11, 2024: ’Innovations in Neuromodulation – From Scientific Possibility to Viable Company – How to Make the Journey – over 200 global neuromodulation and investment community leaders will unite to share insights and innovations in a series of talks and panel discussions.

May 12, 2024: Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) Pre-Conference Day – themes include: 

Advanced in the treatment of pain, from home-based treatments to chronically ill patients; Neurorehabilitation: from brain injury to long-COVID; New technologies. May 12, 2024: II Reunion Iberoamericana de Neuromodulación 2024 – Spanish language workshop hosted by the Iberoamerican chapters of the International Neuromodulation Society. 


About the International Neuromodulation Society

The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) is a global non-profit organization focused on the scientific development and awareness of neuromodulation. The INS is dedicated to promoting improved patient care through education, research, and advocacy in the field of neuromodulation. The Canadian Neuromodulation Society has been an established chapter of the INS since 2006.



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International Neuromodulation Society 16th World Congress to be Held in Vancouver in May 2024


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[] International Neuromodulation Society 16th World Congress to be Held in Vancouver in May 2024
Global experts gather and explore advances in neuromodulation at the INS 16th World Congress, "Neuromodulation: harnessing the power of the nervous system"