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Influential Mom Bloggers Charmed By Women's Clothing Company, Fresh Produce Clothing

Fresh Produce Clothing partners with top mom bloggers to expand online social marketing efforts.

BOULDER, CO, January 27, 2011 ( Women's clothing company, Fresh Produce Clothing, recently launched a national blog outreach marketing campaign, working with over 70 influential mommy bloggers to reach new audiences and introduce the brand to the social market.

In an effort to build unique brand awareness and buzz, Fresh Produce partnered with established mom bloggers, travel bloggers and fashion bloggers to hold reviews and giveaways of Fresh Produce's colorful lifestyle clothing. Bloggers were given outfits of their choice to review, with a select number of bloggers also given key casual clothing pieces to giveaway to a lucky reader.

"It's been so great to see women who are discovering us for the first time," said Fresh Produce Design Director, Gail Hartin. "We've loved seeing the bloggers' delight in how our clothes made them feel when they wore them, many for the first time. And seeing their readers' reactions about our colors, fits and styles throughout conversations and comments was wonderful. We're very excited about the new customers the bloggers have helped introduce us to."

Many of these top influencers were excited about the effortless, versatile looks and highlighted this in their reviews.

Here's what a few bloggers have said about Fresh Produce's casual clothing:

Elizabeth, from, was given a matching outfit and said "I told my husband that this outfit is so comfortable, I want it in every color!" For the top she was giving away to her readers, Elizabeth said, "Just looking at that top makes me want to be sitting on a patio table watching waves roll up on a beach while drinking something tropical!"

Michele, from, wore a Fresh Produce dress to a pro blogger conference and said, "I wore it all day throughout all the sessions, during my MomTV show, at the cocktail party, dinner at a fancy restaurant and finished the night at a dance club. At the end of the day, the dress was in great shape...I was really impressed at how comfortable the dress was."

Debbie, from, was sent Fresh Produce's Cafe Wrap Dress and said, "As a middle-aged woman, I sometimes find it difficult to find women's clothing that is stylish without looking too trendy or young. It was love at first sight with my Fresh Produce clothing....what has happened to my beautiful sangria dress? My college daughter has stolen it already."

Andrea, from, received a Fresh Produce cardigan and a pair of capris and said, "What I first noticed when I opened the package was the softness of the material that the clothes are made out of... I love these clothes! They offer plus sizes for us full-figured gals...and they have size charts on their site that are actually accurate, which is not something I can always say about other online clothing retailers."

Kristi, from, reviewed a piece from Fresh Produce's new spring clothing collection and said, "Fresh Produce sent me an adorable dress to review recently and I am in love!...I love the quality of fabric...and attention to detail."

Joy, from, was given a dress to review and said, "Fresh Produce creates the type of clothing that will make you feel good when you wear them. Their clothes are clothes you can go out in or sit around in relaxing. Above all, these are clothes you can be yourself in."

Beth, from, was sent a travel-friendly dress and cardigan and said, "As soon as I tried the Travel Dress on, I giddily told my husband I'm ready for my next tropical adventure...Take a look at the Fresh Produce website and you'll see pages and pages of the perfect travel or cruise clothes. The lines are colorful, comfortable and ideal for vacation."

About Fresh Produce Clothing
Fresh Produce Clothing makes colorful and effortless lifestyle clothing and resortwear women can look and feel good in all year-round. With vibrant prints, essential neutrals and breezy yet flattering styles, the clothes help bring out the fresh, fun personalities of women everywhere. Started by Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon with a t-shirt kiosk at the 1984 Olympics, Fresh Produce Clothing is now sold in 39 Fresh Produce unique retail stores nationwide and in 400 specialty dealers across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean as well as Nordstrom's, Macy's Hawaii and Von Mauer. Fresh Produce's easy-to-wear dresses, tops, tunics, capris, skirts, shorts and t-shirts are also available online at Contact Susan Touchette Aust, Marketing Manager, 303-546-4960 or


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[] Influential Mom Bloggers Charmed By Women's Clothing Company, Fresh Produce Clothing
Fresh Produce Clothing partners with top mom bloggers to expand online social marketing efforts.