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Kosher Hotels in Brooklyn

Royal Suites hotels are now offering kosher hotels in Brooklyn, NY.

AULANDER, NC, February 02, 2011 ( If you are looking for comfort Royal Suites provides that and so much more. With kosher hotels in Brooklyn on the rise we can accommodate your needs. We are located in the heart of Midwood and the heart of Borough Park. We are also conveniently located near the heart of Flatbush making us close to all five boroughs. Now that we offer the convenience of a kosher hotel in Brooklyn; making kosher accommodations just got easier. We are prepared to handle all of your needs and give you the ease and comfort of observing all Jewish traditions including Shabbat, Sabath or Shabbos. We also offer special rates for Jewish holidays.

Royal Suites Extended Stay Hotel ( is located in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood. Pick up the phone and call us directly at (646) 385-7895. We offer kosher apartments for Passover (Pesach) giving you the ease to observe Jewish holidays. We are a part of the kosher hotels in Brooklyn therefore we are close to most kosher restaurants, dairy kosher restaurants, meat kosher restaurants and glatt kosher restaurants. We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. We are also conveniently located near the synagogue (Shull) and we are also near Yeshiva. Consider us for your next kosher vacation rental because we have all the amenities you may need. We are an extended stay hotel that offers kosher apartments for your convenience. No other kosher rental in Brooklyn or NYC can offer what we can.

Our suites are fully stocked with all of the same comforts of home. We offer a fully stocked kitchen so you can prepare meals on the nights that you don't want to eat out. We have living rooms with full bath rooms and a washer and dryer. Let Royal Suites Extended Stay Hotel ( become your choice for a kosher hotel in Brooklyn. Call us at (646) 385-7895.


Replacement Window In Sterling Heights and the New Tax Credit

There are some projects in your Sterling Heights home that you would probably consider minor, but there are others that you would definitely call major. When the windows in your home are old and fragile; this is a project that can not wait. With the varying weather ranges within each season in Sterling Heights, high quality windows are a must. Whether the reason for the replacement window project is cosmetic or whether it's absolutely necessary; the experts at MGA Roofing can help. They offer a full range of energy star replacement windows in many different shapes, sizes ...

Replacement Window In Minneapolis, MN and The New Tax Credit

For residents of Minneapolis, cold is an understatement when you talk about winter. With temperatures that regularly drop well below zero in the winter months; you need to know that the windows in your home are built to keep the cold out. Studies show that 25 to 30 percent of heat loss in homes is due to old, traditional, outdated and damaged windows. If your windows fall in one of these categories; it is time for a replacement window project to take place, sooner rather than later. Energy efficient replacement windows have a greater capacity for keeping heat in your home, ...

Replacement Windows in Lexington KY and the New Tax Credit

When it is time to replace the windows in your Lexington home, you want to make sure that you are installing quality replacement windows. Modern replacement windows come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors and can change the entire look of your home's interior and exterior. If you are looking to give your home a facelift, Miller's Home Remodeling can help you with good quality, energy efficient replacement windows. They specialize in a wide range of replacement windows that will qualify you for the new tax credit of up to 10% of the cost of your windows. Call ...

Replacement Windows In Amarillo TX and The New Tax Credit

CLP Home Renovations is one of the leaders in replacement windows in Amarillo, TX. They install high-quality windows that help to keep heating and cooling costs down. In addition; they offer the new tax credit, which is 10% of your cost and up to $200 when you replace your current windows. If you are considering replacing your windows; there are several types of windows to choose from. There are bay windows, double hung windows and picture or accent windows just to name a few. If you live in Amarillo and are in need of replacement windows; now is the time to call them ...

Replacement Windows in Seattle WA and the New Tax Credit

If you are a homeowner in Seattle and have considered replacing your windows; now is the perfect time. You will need to decide whether you will replace all of the windows at once in your home or whether this will be a project you spread out over a course of time. Either way, with the dreary weather in Seattle; old, damaged and outdated windows can cause you to loose money. When you think about the particular windows you want to purchase; also think about the difference these windows will make to the appearance of your Seattle home. Will you go with the traditional double ...

Door Replacement in Milwaukee WI and the New Tax Credit

If you're a homeowner in the Milwaukee area in need of a door replacement project, your prayers have been answered! Dimension Design, Build and Remodel Inc, is an excellent source for your door replacement project. They have served the Milwaukee area for years. And the best news is your door replacement project qualifies you for the new tax credit! The new tax credit can save you up to 10% and applies to both new and existing homes in Milwaukee. The new tax credit only applies to primary residence. Insulating and sealing your Milwaukee home is one of the most cost effective ...

Bella Vista Homes Announces Plans to Partner with Local Architects to Build Energy Efficient Homes in Seattle, WA

For Seattle area residents who are serious about energy efficiency and saving the planet while saving money, there's great news for you! Area home improvement company Bella Vista Homes has recently teamed with local architects in order to build energy efficient homes in the Seattle area. By making your home more energy efficient you are also eligible for the new tax credit. This new tax credit could mean substantial savings for your household. To learn more about creating a more energy efficient home contact Bella Vista Homes at 1-800-713-1389 or by visiting them online ...

Replacement Windows in Sacramento, CA and the New Tax Credit

When you purchase energy-efficient replacement windows for your home in Sacramento you may be eligible for the federal new tax credit. Who does not want some extra cash in their pocket? The best part is that the energy efficient replacement windows will pay for themselves in a short amount of time by saving you money on your energy bill. The federal government is offering a new tax credit on qualifying services rendered in 2010-2011. With the installation of energy efficient replacement windows in your primary residence in Sacramento you can now receive a new tax credit ...

ixDownload Helps Amateurs Stop Making Crappy Youtube Videos

While Youtube has helped small scale and individual video makers hold their own with large media outlets when it comes to video distribution, Youtube has also ushered in the age of badly edited videos. To put it more bluntly, Youtube is awash in crappy videos. If you've ever spent more than five minutes on Youtube, you've had the misfortune of unwittingly clicking on a result or "related video" link and sitting through a few minutes of agonizingly bad video. From uneven or missing audio to blurry, choppy, or endlessly boring segments, bad videos saturate Youtube. Your child's ...

Pardee Homes Puts the Romance in Home Shopping with Valentine's Cooking Demonstration at Highlands Village in North San Diego County

Pardee Homes Puts the Romance in Home Shopping with Valentines Cooking Demonstration at Highlands Village in North San Diego County
What could be more romantic than a healthy, home cooked meal in your own home on Valentine's Day? No need to hassle with restaurant reservations, when you get some great tips on preparing a romantic meal from Jimbo's Naturally!, Carmel Valley's own local natural food store. Jimbo's food demonstration team will be at Highlands Village on Saturday, February 12th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with food tastings, recipes and healthy ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day meal. "The homes at Highlands Village are smart, stylish and sustainable, with features that increase energy ...


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[] Kosher Hotels in Brooklyn
Royal Suites hotels are now offering kosher hotels in Brooklyn, NY.