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Buker, Inc. Offers The Visual Factory Course

The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies

CHICAGO, IL, February 02, 2011 ( Buker, Inc. offers a Visual Factory Course for companies on their Lean Manufacturing journey. The Visual Factory Course is a one day event that defines the basic visual factory blueprint of best in class Lean Manufacturing factories. The course focuses on the visual tools being utilized in Lean factories to drive continuous process improvement. The Visual Factory Course focuses on:

5 Pillars of Workplace Organization
The Value Stream's Territory
Visual Production Control
Visual Quality Control
Communication and Visible Progress

Michael Tincher, President of Buker, Inc., stated, "Many companies are engaged in Lean Manufacturing implementation, but most of them stop after some type of initial factory re-arrangement. The Visual Factory Course is designed to help these companies implement the visual factory characteristics that are paramount to driving continuous process improvements."

The Buker organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies. Since 1979 Buker, Inc. has worked with the best manufacturing and distribution enterprises in the areas of Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Six Sigma. Past and current clients include Rust-Oleum Corporation, Siemens Building Technologies, YKK-AP America, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, PerkinElmer, Highway Technologies, Inc., Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company and many others.

For more information go to the Buker, Inc. website, for free assistance to manufacturing questions (Ask The Expert) and a free download of the Lean Manufacturing Assessment.

The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies


CADWARE Engineering Launches International Web Platform

The web platform developed by CADWARE Engineering is intended for both resellers and end-users, allowing fast and friendly access to product information, learning resources, online shop and discussion forum where users can post their experiences and opinions. "We consider it necessary for this communication and trading instrument to exist, because we wish to have a close and prompt relation with the users of 3D Space applications, and in addition we align ourselves with our external partners who distribute the products.", said Niculae ION, Managing Partner, CADWARE Engineering. The ...

Mai-BS Signed New Contract With Pratunam Hotel, Khon Khaen

Mai-BS (Thailand) signed an agreement with the owners of Pratunam Hotel at Khon Khaen, north-eastern Thailand to provide professional hotel consultation and full operational and sales and marketing support to re-brand, re-organize and re-structure the hotel. Pratunam Hotel is a one year old hotel development, only minutes from the city centre and part of a shopping market with over 1200 shops. The Khon Khaen hotel offers 124 rooms, extensive banqueting and meeting facilities, 2 restaurants, Karaoke rooms. It is our aim to develop this hotel to be the leading ...

New Software Makes Radio Archiving Easy and Reliable

There are situations in which it is always a good idea to have a reliable archive in addition to records for radio broadcasting. RadioLogger is a complete solution allowing you to do precisely that. It has a minimal impact on system performance. RadioLogger is impressively reliable and it leave a minimal footprint on your computer performance and does not, in any way, adversely affect your radio broadcasts. Being able to archive your broadcasts is ideal in case you ever need to refer back to a previously broadcasted track for legal reasons or to solve an advertising ...

Safestyle to Boost Green Credentials in 2011

Double glazing giant Safestyle UK is stepping up its recycling campaign and making strides in its commitment to the environment. The company is cutting down on the amount of waste it produces by expanding in-house eco-friendly methods at all of its 40+ branches and depots nationwide, while also expanding its range of energy-saving double glazing products. Safestyle is encouraging its customers to reduce their carbon footprint, alongside improvements that have increased the green credentials of its window and doors. The replacement window firm has a dedicated ...

The Accountability Experience An Interactive Workshop Increases Personal Accountability

Donna Price, Leadership Strategist and Team Builder, along with Co-Founder Debora McLaughlin, Executive Leadership Coach, are pleased to bring the "Accountability Experience " to the Real World Leader's Institute. Workplaces demand a responsive team that can deliver and meet the demands of customers. But the reality is that leaders develop BIG strategic plans and implementation strategies and still find there is a huge gap between strategic goals and performance results. Employees feel pressure to perform with demands of management that are higher and higher. The key ...

PG Dating Pro: New Version is Released

Online dating is popular again. The industry offers unlimited opportunities for start ups. PG Dating Pro team is always following the latest trends in the industry. That's why new version of PG Dating Pro, January 2010 offers big opportunities for all current and future clients. Niches are on the rise and to help you target them we have implemented convenient tools for banners and quick search form targeting. Special niches are easier to promote and monetize. Now you can start various marketing campaigns on several platforms and track the exact effect from each campaign ...

Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), Master Trainer of Neurologic Relief Center Technique , Retains MAYO Communications for Nat'l Publicity

MAYO Communications, Los Angeles has been retained as the agency of record by Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, DC, Manhattan Beach, CA, to promote her much sought-after powerful technique as a master trainer of the Neurologic Relief Center Technique ; the main Center is based in Clearwater, FL. Dr. Leuschen, who has been practicing for 15 years, owns Total Body Balance & the Neurologic Relief Center , Manhattan Beach, CA. She has trained dozens of doctors from around the U.S., and filmed an informational segment to air (TBA) on Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox News and other stations ...

Revitalize Your Intimate Life with the Perfect Gift on Valentine's Day

Revitalize Your Intimate Life with the Perfect Gift on Valentines Day
Calling all new and seasoned couples...Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and anyone who is looking for an inventive way to have a familiar ride, should look no further! The Little Deeper cushion can help turn the upcoming romantic holiday into a fortuitous occasion that might alter your love life forever. This simple, nifty device lifts and supports a woman's hips, positioning them in the perfect position for lovemaking. Using the Little Deeper, you can leave behind the toil and effort that can sometimes be associated with enduring sessions of lovemaking and ...

GBP7,000 Progressive Jackpot Won at Online Bingo Room

GBP7,000 Progressive Jackpot Won at Online Bingo Room
Giggle Bingo invites online bingo players to take part in a special Monthly Whopper Game on the last Sunday of every month. 30 January marked the introduction of a once off GBP7 000 Sunshine Progressive Jackpot Game. This GBP7 000 Sunshine Progressive Jackpot Game took place in the Friendship Room, one of the most popular rooms at the online bingo room. Tickets to the event could be purchased through Advanced Buy prior to the start of the game at GBP1. Players who bought six tickets into the game were given a boost with six free additional tickets in which to try ...

Tabby Crabb's Newest Book, Music: River of Life, Debuts

Tabby Crabb played piano and guitar with Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee and The Urban Cowboy Band before he moved to Nashville to work with Elvis' back up singers in a band called Memphis with Naomi Judd's husband Larry Strickland and was a solo artist with a baker's dozen Cashbox Top 100 singles before building Flatwood Studio and working with Hank Cochran, Keith Urban, Sam Neely, David Allan Coe, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Gypsy Carns, Lobo, Chris Cagle, Bonepony, and a lot of others. Now Tabby tells his side of the story about the events and the people over 45 years in the ...


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[] Buker, Inc. Offers The Visual Factory Course
The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies