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Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets Announce Partnership with Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear

Announcing a new partnership between Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets and Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear.

LOUISVILLE, KY, September 13, 2010 ( With its announcement of a partnership with Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear, Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets is laying the groundwork to provide an even wider array of products to its customers.

The Louisville-based closet and garage organization specialists have been serving the local area for several years now. Its already-impressive array of closet organization systems and garage cabinetry is going to be greatly enhanced by the addition of the Redline lines. "We're excited to be able to bring first-rate Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear products to our loyal customers," says one Louisville Closet and Storage Cabinets manager. "We are continually looking for ways to expand our selection, and Redline is an industry leader."

Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear are owned by South Beloit, Illinois-based Greenberg Casework Company, Inc. Since 1985, Greenberg Casework has been manufacturing some of the finest-quality closet organization systems in the country. The manufacturer's longevity is a testament to its first-rate approach to closet and garage storage solutions. "The name 'Redline' is truly synonymous with quality and innovation," notes one industry expert. "Anyone who has done their homework knows that you can't do better than Redline Garagegear and Redline Closet Systems."

The partnership between Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets and the two first-rate manufacturing lines is sure to produce a winning combination for those in the Louisville area. Both companies have reputations for placing an emphasis on quality and topnotch craftsmanship. "Our partnership with Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear makes all kinds of sense," says one Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets employee. "Our philosophies are strikingly similar, and we all strive to provide exceptional service to our customers."

A lot goes into designing high-quality closet organization and garage storage solutions. People often learn the hard way that basic shelving just won't suffice in most situations. "One of the greatest things about Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear is that they have steadfast commitments to providing workable, usable solutions," says a longtime customer. "They think of the small things that everyday people probably wouldn't." Indeed, it's the small, thoughtful details that the manufacturers use that really make their products stand apart from the crowd.

Long-time customers are excited about the new partnership. "Before I started buying from Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets, my garage was in utter disarray," says one. "I could barely park my car in there, let alone get any work done. A friend told me about the company's selection of closet and garage organization systems and cabinets, and I was hooked." When told that Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets will now offer Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear products, the customer approved. "That's what I appreciate - they are always adding new and exciting products to their selection."

Without a doubt, the new partnership between Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets and the two Redline manufacturers is music to their customers' ears. Anyone who is in need of innovative, high-quality, durable garage and closet organization and storage solutions should turn their attentions to the highly-regarded dealer. "Our selection is always growing, expanding and improving," says a manager. "Our partnership with Redline Garagegear and Redline Closet Systems is proof positive of that." For More information our web site is and our partner websites are and

Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets
10414 Shelbyville Road
Louisville KY 40223
(502) 805-0054


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[] Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets Announce Partnership with Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear
Announcing a new partnership between Louisville Closet and Garage Cabinets and Redline Closet Systems and Redline Garagegear.