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Learn about the Celtic tradition and enjoy yourself while in Cornwall at the Lowender Peran Festival.

CORNWALL, ENGLAND, September 25, 2010 ( The Celtic tradition is celebrated with music, dancing and storytelling at the Lowender Peran Festival in Cornwall this autumn.

Travellers keen to get a real taste for some of the region's culture will be spoiled at this fun and interesting occasion, which is family-friendly so it is just as good for children as it is for adults.

Although the final details of the programme have not yet been unveiled, visitors staying in some of the luxury hotels Cornwall has available can be sure they will be treated to plenty of authentic Cornish entertainment.

Running from October 13th to 17th in Perranporth, the Lowender Peran Festival will include music for attendees to enjoy, as well as craft markets, storytelling sessions and barn dances - known locally as ceilidhs.

There will be a variety of talented performers hitting the event's stage, including dancers from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Anyone interested in attending should visit the occasion's webpage, with some parts of the festival being free to enjoy, while others will require payment. Details have not yet been published.

As well as the professional performances, there will be opportunities for people to be silly and enjoy themselves, such as at The Really Terrible Session, which invites individuals to play instruments together - but they must not know how to play them properly.

For more information on this event visit the Lowender Peran website or contact the venue on +44 (0)1872 553 413. recommends a wide variety of accommodation in Cornwall, such as the Jamaica Inn Cornwall.

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[] - Cornwall's Lowender Peran Festival 'Celebrates Celtic Tradition'
Learn about the Celtic tradition and enjoy yourself while in Cornwall at the Lowender Peran Festival.