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CRGT Expands Market Share with Acquisition of Johnston McLamb

Leading government technology partner extends service offerings and customer reach with addition of the award-winning technology management services firm.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 08, 2010 ( CRGT, a leading expert in emerging technology solutions for the Federal government, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Johnston McLamb (JM), an award-winning technology management services firm specializing in visual business intelligence, data visualization and geospatial application development for government and private sector customers, including the U.S. Postal Service. Through the acquisition of the Chantilly, Va.-based company, CRGT will extend its market share, diversify its customer base, and further expand its services portfolio.

"We're tremendously excited to be enhancing CRGT's large-scale government systems integration and operations capabilities with JM's complementary expertise in application development services, along with strong data management services and mission intelligence solutions," said CRGT President and CEO Tom Ferrando. "This acquisition strategically positions CRGT in the market to better serve the full spectrum of services required by our government clients." Ferrando concluded, "Among the many synergies and benefits we see in this new combination is that both CRGT and JM have demonstrated success helping customers contain or reduce their technology costs and deliver maximum value for their investments. That is an increasingly essential and sought after skill set in today's economic climate."

CRGT has earned a proud track record of success for delivering cost-effective emerging technologies and solutions for the on-going operation of large-scale, high-volume systems that solve the most challenging problems and connect vital agencies to their massive constituencies. The acquisition of JM enables CRGT to extend their services offerings and leverage JM's application development capabilities to better solve the problems their customers are facing around enterprise-level, mission critical systems of varied scale.

Expanding into new markets, CRGT will provide JM's customers with fast, results-driven, compliant solutions for complex technology challenges to large scalable projects. Key among JM's customer successes is the delivery of millions of dollars in cost savings across multiple projects for the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to USPS, JM's Federal, state and local government clients include the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and Fairfax County, Va. CRGT adds over 160 full-time professionals to its ranks, and becomes better positioned to compete on the larger government contract opportunities.

About CRGT
CRGT is a leading expert in emerging technology solutions for the Federal government. Working as a close partner with government agencies spanning national defense, domestic security and civilian services, CRGT has earned a proud track record of success with integration and operations for large-scale, high-volume solutions that connect these vital agencies to their diverse constituencies. CRGT is best known for its efforts with the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) program, an enterprise-scale, cloud-based, knowledge management solution serving over 2.2 million users globally. More broadly, CRGT is known for its work across numerous innovative technology domains, including secure mobile computing, multimedia-rich services, business intelligence and cyber security in support clients such as the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Army, the Veterans Administration, Montgomery County, MD and more. Spun out from CherryRoad Technologies in 2008, CRGT is a uniquely positioned, nimble organization that offers customers the flexibility and agility they have valued for over 25 years combined with the strength that comes from being part of the Veritas Capital group. For additional information on CRGT, please visit

Johnston McLamb
4840 Westfields Boulevard
Suite 200
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: (703) 502-0901
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[] CRGT Expands Market Share with Acquisition of Johnston McLamb
Leading government technology partner extends service offerings and customer reach with addition of the award-winning technology management services firm.