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La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Director Nasrin Mani, MD Named to San Diego's 2010 Top Docs List

Award winners of the San Diego Top Docs for 2010 this past week received notification of selection. Dr. Nasrin Mani, Director of the La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic in La Jolla, Ca., was happily surprised at the honor. Physicians are peer-selected.

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Director Nasrin Mani, MD Named to San Diego's 2010 Top Docs List
LA JOLLA, CA, August 18, 2010 ( San Diego Laser and Cosmetic Physician Nasrin Mani just received notification of her selection as one of "San Diego's Physicians of Exceptional Excellence" by the San Diego County Medical Society. The honor places her in the San Diego Top Doctors for 2010 list which is published annually in the San Diego Magazine.

Peer selection is a personal honor for physicians, and one of this year's honors goes to Nasrin Mani, a Board Certified Surgical Ophthalmologist with a Cosmetic and Laser sub-specialty. "I'm thanking my lucky stars...and my generous professional peers... for elevating me to such an esteemed position in the medical community," Dr. Mani said when she received formal notification of the selection. Physician peers are asked "to whom would you send your family or friends if they needed a specialist?" The votes are tabulated and selected physicians receive a notification from the San Diego County Medical Society.

Dr. Nasrin Mani, the well-known director of La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, is frequently noted for her levels of expertise in the use of surgical and cosmetic lasers, both in her Ophthalmologic Surgical practice and her Cosmetic Laser Clinic where her patients can choose from a vast array of skin procedures including Thermage, Fraxel and ActiveFX and the latest and most unique injectable available, Sculptra collagen stimulator.

"Lasers are sight savers AND skin savers, and I find myself in awe of the progressive capabilities these technologies offer my patients," she shares. " I'm thrilled when my patients walk away more secure in their eye health or skin health. In a way, my work keeps me doubly blessed. I can not only help others continue to see the beauty of the world around them, I can also help those who need technology to make them look more beautiful."

Dr. Mani said to be honored for what she takes such joy and pleasure in doing is truly more than she ever would have expected. She expresses her thanks to her peers, "Thank you for your confidence and recognition. To be selected by those whom I admire so much myself is truly an honor for which I am deeply and humbly grateful."

A graduate of Vanderbilt's prestigious Ophthalmology program with a surgical fellowship at the Doheny Eye Institute USC, Dr. Mani brings a level of education, training and expertise to San Diego County which has created a reputation and following not only locally but also from across the country.

She is an injection training physician for Bioform Medical in the expert injection techniques of Radiesse long term dermal filler, a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, a member of the American Society of Retina Specialists and also a member of the San Diego County Medical Society.

Active in many local charitable organizations, Dr. Mani and her husband, Darush Mohyi, MD, a fertility specialist in Orange County, California, are frequently seen about town supporting the organizations which help the less fortunate and needy with a special emphasis on the charities devoted to children.

Dr. Mani's cosmetic treatment practice, La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, is located at 1111 Torrey Pines Road in La Jolla, Ca. Telephone 800-515-7753. Her ophthalmology practice California Retina Associates, is located in Chula Vista, Ca. Telephone 619 425 7755/website:

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La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Director Nasrin Mani, MD Named to San Diego's 2010 Top Docs List La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Director Nasrin Mani, MD Named to San Diego's 2010 Top Docs List 2


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Copying a single aspect of another company's packaging - even if the companies are not in direct competition with one another - may violate federal trademark laws. That difficult lesson comes courtesy of a recent court decision (Maker's Mark Distillery Inc., v. Diageo North American, Inc., et. al, 2010 WL 1407325 (W.D.Ky.) from the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky. The case arose out of the adoption of the distinctive red wax seal used by Maker's Mark, a distiller of bourbon, by the makers of Cuervo tequila. Although no one is going to ...

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Michigan High Court Considers "Possession" in Child Pornography Cases

In a recent case, the Michigan Supreme Court elucidated the meaning of "possession" within the context of child pornography. The ruling expands the definition of possession to include both actual and constructive possession of child sexually-abusive material, thereby making it more difficult for people accused of possession of child pornography to defend against these allegations. The defendants were identified after federal officials raided a company in Florida that sold child pornography on the Internet. With information from the credit cards used to access and view ...


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[] La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic Director Nasrin Mani, MD Named to San Diego's 2010 Top Docs List
Award winners of the San Diego Top Docs for 2010 this past week received notification of selection. Dr. Nasrin Mani, Director of the La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic in La Jolla, Ca., was happily surprised at the honor. Physicians are peer-selected. is a service of DragonFly Company. All Rights Reserved.
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