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Cerrao Systems Acquires Ecocyn Energy

"We strongly believe that ecocyn along with Cerrao's entire rich collaboration portfolio, powers this new way of working where everyone, everywhere, can be more productive and utilize less energy through the pervasive use of Technology."

SAN DIEGO, CA, August 12, 2010 ( Cerrao today announced it has completed its acquisition of Ecocyn Energy Inc., a leader in energy saving information technology products. The close of this transaction, and the consequent creation of an extensive combined product portfolio, accelerates Cerrao's vision of changing the way people communicate and collaborate by delivering simple, unique and interoperable collaboration experiences.

"Today we are celebrating a very important step for our customers in the journey to put people at the center of new ways to utilize energy and reinvent the way we work," said Jeff Beck, outgoing CEO and president, Cerrao. "We strongly believe that ecocyn - the next generation of energy saving IT products - along with Cerrao's entire rich collaboration portfolio, powers this new way of working where everyone, everywhere, can be more productive and utilize less energy through the pervasive use of Technology." The full ecocyn product line is now part of the Cerrao portfolio. Through this combined offering, the Cerrao business provides customers with access to a fully integrated architecture, comprehensive network-based endpoint and infrastructure portfolios - designed to help provide multi-vendor interoperability - and a suite of unique experiences, customizable applications and flexible deployment models.

With the close of this transaction, the company will make an announcement of new leadership as well. This
newly-formed group includes three fully integrated businesses that will focus on energy saving IT Infrastructure Solutions, Hardware and collaboration and supporting applications and services. Under this leadership, and with unified product lines, employees and vision, Cerrao aims to provide consistency and investment protection for customers while speeding innovation that will positively impact the creation of new collaboration experiences. Under the terms of the tender offer, and following the completion of the compulsory acquisition of shares, Cerrao will have purchased all of the outstanding shares of Ecocyn for an undisclosed amount and will assume all liabilities.

The New Cerrao Experience: IT Infrastructure, Hardware and Collaboration
Cerrao is unique in its architectural approach to collaboration, bringing together network-based, open, integrated and interoperable solutions. From multipurpose rooms and immersive solutions to personal systems that include PC clients, the combined Cerrao portfolio retains the infrastructure products and flexible deployment options from Cerrao. Customers are also provided with a comprehensive set of solution platforms for horizontal and industry applications. Cerrao has committed to work to ensure the entire portfolio interoperates with third-party systems and PC video clients, including Microsoft Office Communicator. The integrated infrastructure includes offerings and services that allow customers to enjoy exceptional intra- and intercompany collaboration experiences, high-performance multi-point meetings, and any-to-any interoperability.

The services and offerings also allow robust management and scheduling capabilities and highly secure usability features like "One Button to Push" and "Continuous Presence." Unique to Cerrao Digital Media is a set of media services for advanced recording, streaming, transcribing, transcoding and video analytics capabilities. Cerrao also provides a spectrum of on- and off-premise deployment and service options for Cerrao IT Infrastructure solutions. From comprehensive managed services, including inter-company, from the world's top service provider partners, to hosted inter-company services, cloud-based applications and even "do it yourself" options, customers have access to flexible deployment and services options that meet their unique needs. This means that customers can choose the right mix of inter-company collaboration options based on audience, location and connectivity.

E-commerce Development
The combination of Ecocyn and Cerrao will allow the company to develop an integrated e-commerce platform
that will allow the company to further expand its reach to customers worldwide. The ecoStore platform, already handles significant traffic per month, but with a more dedicated focus, the ecoStore will now have the capability of extending better service while featuring more products.

Expanded Partner Opportunities
The Cerrao and ecocyn worldwide ecosystem of partners that deliver and support world-class Cerrao
collaboration experiences will continue to support customers. Cerrao will honor existing services and support commitments made to ecocyn customers and partners through the ecocyn support team. Cerrao plans to reveal a harmonized partner strategy that combines the best of the ecocyn and Cerrao programs to help ensure a seamless experience for existing and new customers, and will provide exciting new opportunities for partners.

About ecocyn
Ecocyn provides energy saving products around the world to Consumers, Small and Large Businesses,
Institutions, non-profit organizations, and Governments through its e-commerce platform. We help customers
think green and live greener by transforming the way they use green technology, conserving more energy and paying less for it. For more information on ecocyn's energy-saving technology products,visit us at or send us a note at

About Cerrao
Cerrao is a trusted provider of comprehensive energy conserving technology solutions. As a value-added
reseller of platforms and applications from the industry's top manufacturers, and a provider of our proprietary line of technology products and services, we design, develop, maintain and supply products that help build today's complex technology infrastructures. From network communications to mobility, customer care, web conferencing, messaging, enterprise social software, and interoperable telepresence experiences, Cerrao brings together network-based, energy saving integrated collaboration solutions based on open standards. These solutions, as well as services from Cerrao partners, are designed to help promote business growth, innovation and productivity. Our energy saving Solutions are designed to help customers reinvent the way they live, learn, work and play. For more information on Cerrao's energy and environmental offerings and products,visit us at or call 866.293.5416 or send us a note at


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[] Cerrao Systems Acquires Ecocyn Energy
"We strongly believe that ecocyn along with Cerrao's entire rich collaboration portfolio, powers this new way of working where everyone, everywhere, can be more productive and utilize less energy through the pervasive use of Technology."