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LASIK Is Safe, Long-Lasting, Says "3D LASIK" Pioneer

Dr. Joel Hunter catching eye-health issues that other providers are unable to see using standardized testing.

ORLANDO, FL, January 23, 2011 ( The founder of Hunter Vision, one of the most advanced LASIK facilities in the country, says that recent advances in 3D technology are helping people to see better—safely and permanently.

Pioneered by Dr. Joel Hunter, and offered exclusively at Hunter Vision, 3D LASIK is a groundbreaking approach to vision correction. It begins with the initial exam—when a technician captures three-dimensional photographs of a patient's eyes.

"My patients are amazed when I show them their 3D images," Dr. Hunter says. "These photos enable me to precisely diagnose a person's vision correction options so that they can be glasses-free at all distances."

It also helps him to catch eye-health issues that other providers are unable to see using standardized testing. According to a study presented by Dr. Hunter at the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in San Francisco, about one in 50 patients have eye pathology that can be detected more precisely by using this technology.

Dr. Hunter explains, "We're unique in that we sometimes send people elsewhere. But we're literally saving people's eyesight by catching problems early on. I'm really proud of that fact."

It's not uncommon for discount LASIK providers to cut prices in lieu of investing in 3D technology, Dr. Hunter adds. "But when it comes to something as important as your vision, you want the very best technology available."

The 3D LASIK experience continues with the surgery itself. Again, Hunter Vision utilizes the very latest bladeless technology, because it helps to retain the three-dimensional shape of the cornea in a way previous generations of LASIK did not. Dr. Hunter says, "Our excimer laser, the Wavelight Allegretto, is the fastest and latest laser technology available in the United States."

Using this technology, vision can be corrected at any age "from 18 to 88," Dr. Hunter notes. "It's safe, and it's permanent. It's true that as the eye ages, the natural lens inside the eye stiffens, causing a loss of near vision. However, with the advent of 'blended vision,' I am able to treat the eyes in a way that will allow for both reading and distance vision without glasses."

The 3D LASIK experience even continues after the surgery with the post-operative relationship that's developed.

"When you come to Hunter Vision, you're treated differently than anywhere else," Dr. Hunter concludes. "You get more than a 'two-dimensional' exchange with us, you get a holistic experience and the most exceptional treatment available. People aren't used to being able to call their surgeon on his cell phone any time they want."

Located in Orlando's RDV Sportsplex, Hunter Vision is the leader in 3D LASIK. It is home to the Hunter Vision Analysis, a comprehensive, tech-advanced eye exam unlike any other.

Hunter Vision was founded by Dr. Joel Hunter, the son and namesake of noted Central Florida pastor Joel C. Hunter.

Robert Andrescik


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[] LASIK Is Safe, Long-Lasting, Says "3D LASIK" Pioneer
Dr. Joel Hunter catching eye-health issues that other providers are unable to see using standardized testing.