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Brick Marketing and PPC Summit Form Search Engine Marketing Partnership

PPC Summit, a world-class producer of Internet marketing training, today announces a partnership with Brick Marketing, a leading search engine optimization service provider.

MEDFORD, MA, January 26, 2011 ( PPC Summit, a world-class producer of Internet marketing training, today announces a partnership with Brick Marketing, a leading search engine optimization service provider. Through this partnership, PPC Summit and Brick Marketing will promote PPC Summit's online training events and deliver targeted newsletter content to educate businesses on 'how-to' improve their search marketing, search engine optimization and social media results.

The partnership allows both organizations to extend their reach to businesses who are interested in improving their Internet marketing strategies. Brick Marketing and PPC Summit will team up to deliver top-notch online training that provide businesses with the latest resources and tools to optimize their websites and improve their search marketing ROI.

For the past five years PPC Summit ( has hosted in-person and online training events to help thousands of marketers grow their businesses. "To ensure the highest level of education is met at each of our training events, PPC Summit brings together world-renowned experts to lead 20 one-hour online interactive classes," said Mary O'Brien, PPC Summit/Internet Marketing Institute Founder. "Each class is dedicated to providing in-depth training to ensure every attendee walks away with the tools necessary to improve their internet marketing results."

In 2011 PPC Summit will introduce its new brand--the Internet Marketing Institute, and present a new series of expert-led live and online training events including in March, in May and Small Biz Search Success in August.

"Brick Marketing is very excited to form this strategic search engine marketing partnership in 2011. The diverse training and conferences that PPC Summit hold are ones that truly stand apart for all others in the search engine marketing industry. I am very excited to work with them!" said Brick Marketing President and Founder, Nick Stamoulis.

Registration is now open for PPC Summit's upcoming SEO and Social Media Success Seminar to be held online March 1-10, 2011. Attendees will have direct access to recognized Search Marketing and Social Media experts through the convenience of 20+ live online classes. For event information or registration, visit Attendees that register early will save 50% off of the regular rate.

For more information about Brick Marketing's search engine optimization services, please visit

About PPC Summit
Founded in 2006, PPC Summit/Internet Marketing Institute is dedicated to delivering live and online educational training events that empower businesses to improve their Internet marketing results. Each training event brings together world-class experts to teach a full range of internet marketing strategies, resources and tools to help marketers increase their conversion rates and achieve higher profits. Visit SEO and Social Media Success Seminar for complete event details.

About Brick Marketing
Brick Marketing is a full service SEO and search engine marketing solutions provider. Based in Boston, MA, Brick Marketing offers customized full service, consulting and training solutions for: search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, online reputation management and much more. For more detailed information or a custom SEO service quote, please call Brick Marketing at 781-350-4365 or visit their company website.

Brick Marketing is a Boston area Search Engine Marketing firm that helps companies of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada increase sales through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing.

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[] Brick Marketing and PPC Summit Form Search Engine Marketing Partnership
PPC Summit, a world-class producer of Internet marketing training, today announces a partnership with Brick Marketing, a leading search engine optimization service provider.