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What's the Greenest Section at Fairway Market ... Produce? Actually, Wine & Spirits!

Fairway Market—"Like no other market"—raises the bar again. With one eye on 'fine' and the other on 'smart

NEW YORK, NY, January 26, 2011 ( Fairway Market—"Like no other market"—raises the bar again. With one eye on 'fine' and the other on 'smart,' New York's purveyor of the finest in consumables provides greener pastures among shelves of spirits. Why?

Wine, like all organic products, has a life cycle. Wine's enemies include traditional fluorescent lighting. In their four-generation tradition of providing unique products at their peak of perfection, Fairway Markets sourced the best LED bulbs for their innovative project: enter, Green Lantern Industries.

The adjoining Wine and Spirits shop of the Pelham Manor location is already aglow, and Fairway's new Stamford, CT store will be lit entirely by Green Lantern Industries LED bulbs. It will be the first supermarket in NYC to exclusively use non-heat-emitting; UV and glare-free LED light alternatives. By illuminating the aisles with warm, bright LEDs, Fairway Stores furthers its long-standing goal to deliver finest quality products.

According to Fairway Wine &Spirits Shop Manager Ray Schramm, "Green Lantern's LED lighting is just right for our operation. For starters, the clean light makes for a great first impression of our large retail space. The LEDs also highlight the product without harming it. To top it off, we see real energy savings."

The UV light (and heat) emitted from other types of lighting breaks down the chemical compounds that give wine its aroma and flavor. LED light will not damage wine, clothing, artwork, or other vulnerable products.

Of course, Fairway also benefits from the extraordinary efficiency of Green Lantern Industries' products. With a life expectancy around 50,000 hours, GLI bulbs typically last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. Amazingly, they use 80-90% less electricity. For Fairway, that translates to annual energy savings of around $15,000. While saving money on energy and labor, LED users keep mercury-laden fluorescent bulbs out of the environment and give their space a new, high-tech, industrial look.

For Fairway Stores and others, this means saving money and helping to save the world. And Green Lantern Industries is poised to equip any facility or business for change. Their state-of-the-art LED products are on display at Green Lantern Industries' Time Square showroom.

For more information please call, email, or visit us online: (212) 515-2390,,

Green Lantern Industries (GLI) was developed by a group of experienced and dedicated lighting professionals with the sole purpose of resolving the technological, aesthetic and environmental deficits in current lighting systems.


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[] What's the Greenest Section at Fairway Market ... Produce? Actually, Wine & Spirits!
Fairway Market—"Like no other market"—raises the bar again. With one eye on 'fine' and the other on 'smart