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DIY Deals Galore Plus Floors and Tiles Thanks to New Codes

Leading DIY outlet features on leading consumer voucher codes site for New Year.

SURREY, ENGLAND, January 26, 2011 ( Sorting out the family home and sprucing up a kitchen for the forthcoming year can be done on a budget this year thanks to the latest deals redeemable at Homebase from leading online codes specialist

Getting top name DIY kit can be done this month thanks to the new deals offering people the chance to save through new Homebase discount codes. The website is presently carrying offers for people to save through offers like 15% off furniture, fitted bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens valued over GBP150. is presently offering people a range of new Homebase voucher codes to help them save on top brand flooring and tiling too, allowing people to save money on selected top brand tiling and flooring from Homebase.

Simon Terry, spokesperson for, comments, "It's that time of year when so many people's thoughts turn to refurbishing their homes and sorting out bathrooms, kitchens and the like. To help them do so on a budget this year we've got a whole raft of new Homebase deals in place to save." offers people money saving deals at both major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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About features the latest money saving offers from a growing range of retailers, all updated in real time. Designed to help consumers save money with both leading high street brands and specialist retailers, offers one of the widest choices of discounts available.

Part of ASAP Ventures Ltd, the company behind the award winning price comparison site, is committed to offering a growing range of the best savings available online.

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[] DIY Deals Galore Plus Floors and Tiles Thanks to New Codes
Leading DIY outlet features on leading consumer voucher codes site for New Year.