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Littlewoods Europe Launches New Denim Collection Featuring Levis Jeans

Littlewoods Europe has launched its new season collection which features two new denim brands.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, January 27, 2011 ( Littlewoods Europe has launched its new season collection, which sees more big brands being brought to customers in France, Spain, Germany and Portugal.

As part of the new season collection, Littlewoods Europe will now be stocking two new denim ranges; Levi Curve ID and Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ).

The Levi Curve ID range features jeans which are more about fit rather than size. Levi Curve ID jeans are available in sizes 8 to 16 with a choice of short, regular and long and 3 different fits. The range aims to offer a better fit for all women whatever their shape.

The new NYDJ jeans range boasts you can buy one size smaller than your normal jeans for a guaranteed slimmer look. The jeans feature patented criss-cross panels that flatter the tummy without making them uncomfortable, which offer the wearer a slimmer look. NYDJ jeans are available in sizes 6 to 20.

A spokesperson for Littlewoods Europe commented: "Littlewoods Europe are delighted to be able to offer the new Curve ID range from the iconic brand Levis jeans. This is complemented by the range from NYDJ, designed to flatter the more mature figure. It's definitely our best range of denim yet."

About Littlewoods Europe:
Littlewoods Europe launched on 27th August 2009 is aimed at women who want the convenience of home delivery from one of their favourite British on-line retailers.

The Littlewoods Europe site features over 14000 product lines, from core categories of clothing, footwear, toys, kidswear and homeware. Littlewoods Europe already feature big brands such as Adidas Originals, Nike clothing and Bench clothing.

Shop Direct Group is the UK's largest online and home shopping retailer with sales of circa GBP1.7 billion, with 5 million active customers across the business and around 9,000 employees.

Brands within the Shop Direct Group portfolio include,,,,,,, and


British Airways Football Legends Invitational Tournament 2011 Launched

The British Airways Football Legends Invitational Tournament 2011 has been officially launched by the Barbados Tourism Authority. This will excite Brits and Bajans in the run up to a spectacular clash of the Titans. The six-a-side tournament will be held at the Kensington Oval, Barbados, on 10-11 June 2011. Teams representing England's top clubs will battle for top honours in the inaugural British Airways Football Legends Invitational Tournament, raising money for local charities involved in the development of football in the Caribbean. Chelsea legends such as Roberto ...

Ushering in a New Era of Coaching - the 2011 ActionCOACH Draft

Ushering in a New Era of Coaching - the 2011 ActionCOACH Draft
ActionCOACH Canada is taking their team in a new direction by offering Canadian entrepreneurs the chance to pick someone for one of 3 coveted spots on their business coaching team. "Since we love hockey, and business coaching is very similar to sports coaching, we thought we would set up a draft that all interested Canadians could take part in so they could have the opportunity to make a difference in their life and the lives of business owners across the country," says business expert Greg Kopchuk, who heads up ActionCOACH Canada. In keeping with the sports theme ...

The Eatery Restaurant's 'Big Game Day Party in a Bag' Perfect Party Plan for Packers-Steelers Showdown

The Eatery Restaurants Big Game Day Party in a Bag Perfect Party Plan for Packers-Steelers Showdown
The Eatery restaurant co-owners Cindy and Don Gifford were catering pros before they moved their Fort Worth family restaurant to 3257 North Beach Street. Years of catering experience gives them the know how to make any Big Game party a success. "We're excited to have the big game in town and glad to deliver super food to anyone who wants a fresh, homemade feast for their big game party," said Cindy Gifford. The Eatery's "Big Game in a Bag" ($145) feeds 12 hearty All-Pro appetites and includes 25 sliders done patty melt style, a large chili dog pizza, fresh potato ...

"In Pursuit of My Success for Teens" is Approved by School District

In Pursuit of My Success(tm) for Teens: Developing a College, Career, and Money Plan for Life, by Katherine Berntzen, has been approved for use by the Baldwin Union Free School District in New York. Berntzen says, "I designed the book to help teens get a good start in life and become economically self-sufficient professionals in adulthood. I'm so excited each time a school, and now, a school district, approves my book, because it means I can help more people through my work." In Pursuit of My Success(tm) for Teens identifies what teens can do for themselves in high ...

Digital Marketing Agency, Minds On, Launches Mobile Website for Leading Homebuilder, Dominion Homes

Minds On, a digital marketing agency, announced today the launch of a new Dominion Homes website specifically for mobile phones and portable devices, enabling easy access to home models, locations, sales information and social media connections. The new mobile site, located at, was designed to make navigation on portable devices simple and direct, while still containing all of the most important features of the full site. Minds On has created a simplified navigation for the site that makes it easy for home shoppers to locate homes and developments ...

Phoenix Viewer Partners with SpotON3D

Phoenix Viewer Partners with SpotON3D
The Phoenix Viewer team will be providing phoenix viewer builds to the folks at Spoton3d with the addition of Spoton3D specific features for use on the SpotON3D grid. SpotON3D has enabled the following capabilities: SaaS Elastic Cloud Server Scalability, Universal Grid System, Universal Registration, Avatar & Inventory System, Private Label Grid System, PayPal Economy System, Integrated SpotOn3D EZPrezTools and more. Both the Phoenix Viewer Team and the SpotON3D Team are looking forward to working in close collaboration. This will provide users with a clear voice ...

Unrealistic optimism appears common in early cancer trials

(Garrison, NY) Can optimism be ethically problematic? Yes, according to a new study, which found unrealistic optimism prevalent among participants in early-phase cancer trials and suggested that it may compromise informed consent. Many cancer researchers and ethicists assume that hope and optimism in the research context are "always ethically benign, without considering the possibility that they reflect a bias," write the authors of the study, which appears in IRB: Ethics & Human Research. "Others have claimed that unrealistic expectations for benefit are a result of ...

Study: Faculty on Facebook will not ask students to be friends

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In a recent survey of pharmacy professors, 100 percent of the respondents who had Facebook profiles said they would not send friend requests to their current students. Just fewer than half of the responding faculty members had a Facebook profile, and of those, most said they also ignored friend requests from students – especially current students. It was a small study, with 95 faculty members from colleges of pharmacy at four Ohio institutions participating. But it is among the first studies to examine college professors' use of the social network, ...

Research finds practicing retrieval is best tool for learning

Research finds practicing retrieval is best tool for learning
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The time students invest in rereading or reviewing their notes would be better spent practicing retrieval to ensure better learning, according to new research from Purdue University. "We continue to show that practicing retrieval, or testing yourself, is a powerful, robust tool for learning," said Jeffrey D. Karpicke (pronounced CAR-picky), an assistant professor of psychological sciences who studies learning and memory. "Our new research shows that practicing retrieval is an even more effective strategy than engaging in elaborative studying. "Educators, ...

Tufts University calls for moderate approach to teaching personalized genomic testing

BOSTON (January 24, 2011) — Genetics in Medicine, the official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics, published this month a paper by Tufts University faculty calling for a moderate, strategic approach to teaching personalized genomic testing in medical school curricula. For 16 months, a multi-disciplinary group of Tufts University faculty examined ways to improve education regarding personalized genomic testing at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM). The genesis of the debate centered on whether medical students should use their own genome for ...


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[] Littlewoods Europe Launches New Denim Collection Featuring Levis Jeans
Littlewoods Europe has launched its new season collection which features two new denim brands.