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Quintica & Knowledge Powered Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Quintica today announced that it has entered a strategic global agreement with Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS), whereby Quintica will add KPS's market-leading knowledge management software.

CHESHIRE, ENGLAND, February 02, 2011 ( Quintica today announced that it has entered a strategic global agreement with Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS), whereby Quintica will add KPS's market-leading IT knowledge management software and intelligent search technology solution to its Call Centre solutions portfolio.

A leading provider of Best Practice-based consolidated IT Service Management Software solutions, Quintica's partnership with KPS will enable them to provide a highly developed Knowledge Management solution that can be used in call centres by agents or for self service through a portal. This partnership will allow customers of Quintica to directly utilise KPS's highly intelligent search technology.

"We are delighted to be working with KPS, providing our customers and prospects with world-class Knowledge Management to help increase Service Desk efficiencies and ultimately customer satisfaction," said Charles Osburn, CEO of Quintica. "This is another great addition to our best-of- breed solutions approach, as the technology complements our Service Management offering and ultimately will help organisations to increase the strategic business value of their Service Desks"

Roger Haddon, Managing Director at KPS, comments on the new partnership: "KPS believes that the provision of Universal Knowledge will deliver a new standard for knowledge enabled Service Management solutions. Quintica customers will gain access to valuable knowledge quickly and easily from within their ITSM or CRM application. They will also be able to offer improved customer service to their own customers through the provision of fast and accurate solutions to queries."

About Quintica

Formed in 2001, Quintica is an ICT Technology and Professional Services systems integration company delivering sophisticated infrastructure & technology solutions from strategy, design and transition through to operations and service improvement. Their branches across Africa and the Middle East serve small to large organizations through a network of service management focused, and internationally accredited, professionals. The company is committed to ensuring high service delivery, driving the value of our customers ICT investments to meet and exceed expected business objectives & returns. For more information visit

About Knowledge Powered Solutions

Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS) is an Independent Software Vendor that specialises in providing information management solutions that can be deployed to customer service staff, intranet users, external customers and partners. These groups are able to access vital knowledge quickly and easily through a simple to use natural language interface. The KPS solution, which helps to identify and fill knowledge gaps and make the solution available for future use, has been designed to put the power of the accumulated expertise and know-how of the organisation at the fingertips of these key staff whilst minimising administrative overhead. This technology enables users to deliver significantly improved support levels to internal and external customers whilst reducing cost of service. Customers include: Credit Suisse, Tesco Stores, Greggs Bakers, Aberdeenshire Council and Steria.

For more information visit or email

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[] Quintica & Knowledge Powered Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership
Quintica today announced that it has entered a strategic global agreement with Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS), whereby Quintica will add KPS's market-leading knowledge management software.