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Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman Partners with Cafe Gratitude to Bring a Simplified Cleanse Program, I AM CLEANSED, to Los Angeles

LA Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman has designed a convenient cleanse program with Cafe Gratitude so that participants can reap the benefits of a cleanse without the hassle.

Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman Partners with Cafe Gratitude to Bring a Simplified Cleanse Program, I AM CLEANSED, to Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, CA, June 11, 2011 ( Over the past few years, the benefits of cleansing have become common knowledge. A cleanse detoxifies, jump starts weight loss, improves skin tone, increases energy, offers relief from chronic symptoms and promotes overall well-being. Many people desire these benefits, but shy away from cleansing because they lack the knowledge, tools or support necessary to successfully complete one.

Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman and Cafe Gratitude have joined forces to solve this problem for the people of Los Angeles, California. They have created I AM CLEANSED, an easy and supportive cleanse program. Everyday participants pick up a fresh cleanse package from Cafe Gratitude. Packages may also be picked up the night before. In addition to the daily cleanse, participants receive one-on-one attention from prominent LA nutritionist, Elissa Goodman. Goodman inspires, educates and motivates participants enabling them to get the most out of their cleanse experience. She provides daily instructions, a time schedule, nutritional information and inspirational support.

"Cleansing is a powerful way to kick-start a new eating style, lose weight and get you feeling fabulous! I've been helping my clients cleanse one-on-one for years, and have witnessed profound effects. The main complaint I hear is that cleansing is inconvenient; shopping, juicing and preparing food for a cleanse is a foreign and time-consuming endeavor for most people. I AM CLEANSED removes this element from cleansing because Cafe Gratitude does all the work. Participants receive the benefits of cleansing without any of the hassle." says Elissa Goodman, Certified Integrative Nutritionist.

I AM CLEANSED runs weekly Monday through Friday. The total cost is $375 with $275 paid to Cafe Gratitude and $100 paid to Elissa Goodman. To register or inquire about I AM CLEANSED call Elissa Goodman at (323) 404-7552.

ABOUT ELISSA GOODMAN Elissa Goodman is a Certified Integrative Nutritionist based in Los Angeles, California, who focuses on increasing her clients energy through a holistic approach. She attended the American University of Complementary Medicine for Integrative Nutrition where she became Certified Integrative Nutritionist. She apprenticed under Ashley Koff, R.D., LA's "Best Nutritionist" and monthly guest on Good Morning America Health, Elissa also acted as a spokesperson for The City of Hope, raising awareness and money for cancer research, a cause that is dear to her and her family. Ms. Goodman is actively seeking publishing opportunities and is available for speaking engagements.
(323) 404-7552 /

For more information, visit her website at or read her blog at

ABOUT CAFE GRATITUDE Cafe Gratitude serves a menu of 100% organic, 100% vegan, local fare. Their food is free of refined sugar, flour, and additives. Cafe Gratitude creates all of their own food -from the produce bin to your plate - to avoid serving certain common allergens like wheat, soy, and peanuts. Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles is one of eight California locations.
(323) 580-6383 | 639 N. Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA /

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Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman Partners with Cafe Gratitude to Bring a Simplified Cleanse Program, I AM CLEANSED, to Los Angeles


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[] Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman Partners with Cafe Gratitude to Bring a Simplified Cleanse Program, I AM CLEANSED, to Los Angeles
LA Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman has designed a convenient cleanse program with Cafe Gratitude so that participants can reap the benefits of a cleanse without the hassle.