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Latest Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room Promotion this Month

Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room is set to launch its latest Bank the Double Deposit Bonus promotion to coincide with the Summer Bank Holiday in the UK at the end of August 2010.

Latest Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room Promotion this Month
MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND, August 09, 2010 ( Giggle Bingo [ ] has once again re-established why bingo fans choose to play at this particular online bingo room. Time and time again Giggle Bingo has awarded huge rewards to its multitude of players, and its popularity has expanded across the UK and the globe. Giggle Bingo is set to launch its latest lucrative offering for players on the 30th of August 2010, in the form of a Bank Holiday Bank the Double Deposit Bonus monthly promotion.

Bank holidays are always a good way to take a break from the everyday work routine. Giggle Bingo makes this upcoming holiday that much more exciting with a double bonus cash reward on all deposits made on the 30th of August.

Giggle Bingo, the current runner-up recipient for the 2009 New Site of the Year award at has various other promotions that players can take advantage of, including the weekly themed promotions that take place during the month. Look out for the GBP5,800 Beatles Giveaway from the 7th to the 15th August 2010. The Gone Fishing Giveaway promises a GBP3,210 prize collective running between 16th and 20th August 2010. Leading up to the Bank the Double Deposit Bonus promotion is the GBP7,000 Robin Hood Giveaway from the 21st to the 31st of August.

The Bank the Double Deposit Bonus promotion is sure to make this bank holiday one to remember. With a comprehensive array of promotions like the above-mentioned ones on offer, friendly and quirky chat hosts, as well as the interaction one can have with fellow bingo players, Giggle Bingo is certainly stamping its mark of excellence on the online bingo community.

About Giggle Bingo:

Giggle Bingo online Bingo room encompasses superior bingo action with exclusive tournaments and promotions, appealing to a multitude of online bingo players. With advanced technology and software employed, gaming is flawless. The user friendly interface, exciting graphics and superb design provide a satisfactory bingo experience every time, with the biggest jackpot opportunities ready to be claimed. From the intellectually sophisticated content and self explanatory guides, players are able to take part in all the bingo games available for play, regardless of experience levels.

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Latest Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room Promotion this Month

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[] Latest Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room Promotion this Month
Giggle Bingo Online Bingo Room is set to launch its latest Bank the Double Deposit Bonus promotion to coincide with the Summer Bank Holiday in the UK at the end of August 2010.