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Fantasy sports news and information service Fantasy, LLC has announced that it has acquired content provider Fighting Chance Fantasy. Acquires Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports
LONG BEACH, CA, August 12, 2010 ( Fantasy sports news and information service, LLC (Fantasy Alarm) has announced that it has acquired content provider Fighting Chance Fantasy and will merge the two brands into a one-stop fantasy sports haven.

The new Fantasy Alarm website will debut on August 8th with former Fighting Chance Fantasy owners Jeff Mans and Ryan Hallam as head writers and content supervisors. The pair will also lead a new broadcasting element of Fantasy Alarm that will include podcasts, radio/television shows and appearances, viral videos, web series and convention/trade show appearances. The Fantasy Alarm Show officially launched with a live 60 minute show on Sunday August 8th at 11:00 PM EST on the Fantasy Sports Channel.

"Needless to say, we are thrilled to add Ryan and Jeff to our team. We believe they have the combination of experience and leadership skills to take on their new key roles with our company," said Fantasy Alarm Managing Partner Dan Williams. "This acquisition is another example of our commitment to building the premier fantasy sports enthusiast tool which virtually guarantees our users will win their fantasy football, baseball or basketball league every year. Since our Launch in March 2010 the response to our product has been overwhelmingly positive, it's definitely an exciting time," Williams added. The Fantasy Alarm website will now feature daily updated content such as scouting reports, injury updates, statistical analysis, waiver pickups, trade advice and many other fantasy resources as well. This content will be blended with Fantasy Alarm's cutting edge player information and lineup tracking service creating one of the most up to date and informative fantasy sites in the industry.

The acquisition will also make Fantasy Alarm the lead supporter of the Superdraft High Stakes Fantasy Football League currently forming and set to draft on August 28th, 2010. The Superdraft had over 2500 attendees last season and just announced that Snoop Dog will perform at its kick off party. The event includes appearances by actor Ashton Kutcher, Stacy Keibler and will also feature many other celebrities hosting live drafts.

About, LLC

Fantasy Alarm is the fantasy sports industries premiere fantasy sports information web site and the only that provides near real-time alerts and breaking news related to the game of fantasy sports. FA was created for fantasy sports players by of Long Beach, CA fantasy sports players who were tired of having to log-on or be tied to their computer to manage their teams. Our mission is to assist both the serious and casual fantasy sports player better manage their day-to-day lineups. Our proprietary "push" technology tracks breaking lineup information and will text and/or email you up to the minute information related to your team. FA provides managers with an edge by allowing time to replace players in their lineup with reserves should on days/weeks they are not starting. For further information please contact us at or 800.282.0638

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As UK Universities Leave Thousands Without a Place, Marbella University Sees Surge in Applications
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M&Y Data Solutions Is Now M&Y Global Services
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Fortune Affiliates Online Casino Programme Sponsors CBG Affiliate Conference

The CBG Affiliate Conference will be held for the second year running in Canada at the Niagara Falls Hilton Resort from 27 - 30 August 2010. Fortune Affiliates [ ], the leading online casino affiliate programme, is a proud sponsor of this illustrious occasion and has invited its top-tier affiliates to the event. Affiliates who would like to attend are required to register online on the CBG Affiliate Weekend website at Hotel accommodation will be available at the Hilton, where the conference will be held. Representatives ...

Federal Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional

In a recent landmark decision, Judge Joseph L. Tauro (of the Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts), declared that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (commonly known as DOMA) violates the United States Constitution. Judge Tauro's legal opinion centers around equal protection as well as the concept of states' rights. This lawsuit arose in the year 2009, when the Boston-based Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) challenged the law on behalf of seven same-sex couples (who were legally married under Massachusetts law). GLAD argued that the DOMA ...

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Between the current economic crisis and the collapse of the housing market, many homeowners find themselves either in a home they cannot afford or in a home that is not worth as much as they still owe. In either case, many borrowers may think handing over the keys and walking away is the best option - this may be a mistake. Fannie Mae's Tougher Penalties In October, Fannie Mae will begin increasing the penalties for borrowers who strategically default on a mortgage. A strategic default occurs when a borrower walks away, for whatever reason, from property and a mortgage ...

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As 2010 began, there were some signs of stabilization in the housing market according to the CEO of Freddie Mac, Charles Haldeman, Jr. Federal tax credits, low prices and low mortgage rates were all expected to fuel the recovery. Still, Haldeman cautioned at the time, the recovery was fragile and there was the potential for a large wave of foreclosures. Unfortunately, Haldeman appeared to be right. RealtyTrac, a leading foreclosure listing service, released its Midyear 2010 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report earlier this month. According to the report, over 1.65 million ...

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With the costs of attending college increasing every year, many parents wonder what is the best way for them to save for a child's education. While there are several different options for saving for college, two of the most popular choices are UTMA accounts and 529 plans. UTMA Basics UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) accounts are custodial accounts that can be set up at any financial institution. One parent generally serves as the custodian over the account. UTMA accounts allow parents to put securities, bonds and other investments in a child's name. Once their ...

Jennifer L. McInerney Has Been Selected to New Jersey Rising Stars 2010

Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Boyd, LLC, one of New Jersey's premier family law firms, is pleased the announce that attorney Jennifer L. McInerney has been selected to New Jersey Rising Stars 2010. McInerney is making her fifth-consecutive appearance on the Rising Stars list. She is a seasoned litigator and adept at handling the full range of family law issues. In addition to a successful appellate practice, she is known for her experience in child custody, relocation and domestic violence matters. No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are named ...

William M. Laufer Has Been Named by New Jersey Super Lawyers Magazine as One of the Top Attorneys in New Jersey for 2010

Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Boyd, LLC, one of New Jersey's premier family law firms, is pleased the announce that attorney William M. Laufer has been named by New Jersey Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top attorneys in New Jersey for 2010. Laufer has made several appearances in New Jersey Super Lawyers and appears on the Top 100 list. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and has served as president of the Morris County Bar Association and D.A.R.E., New Jersey. Only five percent of the lawyers in the state are named by Super Lawyers. ...


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