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Add Press Release, the Largest Online Provider of Property Information, Introduces Instant Retrieval of Building Permit History Reports introduces instant retrieval of building permit history reports. This latest product bolsters HomeInfoMax's position as the leading nationwide provider of real estate records, property reports, parcel maps, and documents.

ENCINO, CA, August 18, 2010 (, a member of HiMAX, LLC family of companies and one of the largest online instant providers of real estate records, parcel maps, and document images, today announced the official introduction of Building Permit History reports. This program offers current and historical records on construction activity for commercial and residential properties requiring permits.

Only a few years ago acquiring property data or running a title search intended going to the local recorder's office, waiting for hours and often filling out forms and paying a fee. Advancements in high-speed communications and secure e-commerce have made it possible to employ electronic property searches and deliver millions of real property records via the Internet. Nowadays, thanks to Web-based services such as, researching and retrieving property information, or uncovering hidden real estate assets takes only a few minutes. in e-commerce since 2002 has become not only the largest, but also the most reliable online provider of residential and commercial property records. Currently over 98.8% of real estate records are available throughout all 50 States in over 3,100 Counties. The company offers various types of property reports, ranging from essential properly profiles, title history, liens, legal description, document images, comps, parcel maps, automated valuations, to a multitude of other vital real estate data. Most reports are searchable by property address, by Assessor's Parcel Number, and by property owner name. In addition to traditional searches, also has uniquely smart tools, such as customized research with lead generation, as well as localized radius research.

This latest addition of building permit records became possible through the company's cooperation with BuildFax -- the largest repository of digital permit records in the U.S. By focusing on two key aspects of a property's construction or repair chronicles: construction activity that has been recorded, and construction activity that has not, permit reports remove the guesswork of property history.

Similar to other products, provides an instant retrieval of building permit records on a subject property. In addition to new constructions, accompanying records may also include recent and previous remodeling or other improvements requiring permits. Contents of Building Permit History Report may include various permit records including current and historical information on possible permits such as: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Building Additions, Grading, and other alterations and repairs. Building Permit History report also may include Non-Building permits on a real property. The summary of Permit Records with Issued Date, Permit Type, Valuation, and Permit Number, as well as the Contractor and Jurisdiction Information are also a part of this report. This report is now included in all subscription plans and available to all users.

At this time users have access to more than 30 million building permit records covering over 11 million properties in more than 1,600 local jurisdictions. BuildFax not only continually collects and manages building department records from several thousand municipal governments; it also updates the databases and assures the access to the newest possible records.

As a result of user-friendly design combined with security and anonymity, now anyone can have instant access to virtually any real estate record in the nation. With information on nearly 150 million properties and daily updates, is the top choice for real estate buyers, sellers, researchers, owners, investors or anyone else who needs instant and reliable property data. protects users' privacy; no one is notified of search activities and no personal information is sold or shared with anyone.At there is no need to buy or download any programs - a secure online access to nationwide property records is only a few clicks away.

About HomeInfoMax is a member of privately held HiMAX, LLC family of companies and Web's top provider of residential and commercial real estate data. is persistently on a first page under the "real estate records" and other relevant key-words in all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The client base of HomeInfoMax is nationwide and diverse, with a significant market penetration not only by individuals, but also by several nationwide financial and legal firms, governmental agencies, and thousands of satisfied professionals. For further information, please contact us at: 818-259-8088, or visit our Website at


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Design Visionaries Introduces iEcostand for iPad: the Sleek, Green and Affordable Stand for iPad
Design Visionaries introduces its first product designed exclusively for the Apple iPad. The iEcostand supports landscape, portrait and keyboard usage. The iEcostand is available now at for $17.95. The iEcostand is made locally of hardwood, to be lightweight, stable and elegant. Non-slip rubber pads protect surfaces and the iPad. The hinged arm swings out for stability but folds into the stand for portability. "Our mission for this product is to provide exactly what you need to enhance your enjoyment of the iPad. And ensure that use of this product ...

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Hospital executives recognize that patient satisfaction and patient safety are paramount to success, especially as patients increase their skills as consumers of healthcare and as hospitals compete for patients. However, if hospital leaders are unable to improve patient satisfaction and patient safety, patients will vote with their feet and seek out hospitals that meet their needs and deliver safe, quality care. Combined teamwork and patient engagement training addresses these important satisfaction parameters as well as patient safety through proven tools that focus on ...

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Data Expedition, Inc.(R), a leading developer of high-performance data transfer software, and Primeur, an Italian multinational leader in managed file transfer, traceability, control and end-to-end security, have signed a new technology partnership. Under this agreement, Primeur will use Data Expedition's patented MTP/IP(TM) technology for Spazio FASTransfer, a component of its Spazio Enterprise MFT/S secure managed file transfer solution, designed for speeding up the transfer of large files over long distances. Spazio FASTransfer is intended for those organizations ...

Pain Free Living with Chiropractic Treatments from Dr. Wayne Greathouse

Dr Wayne Greathouse and his staff at Seaside Family Chiropractic are helping people to live active, pain free lives with effective chiropractic techniques. After more than 17 years of practice and researching for better techniques to achieve permanent pain relief without surgery or risk of addiction to pain killers, Dr. Greathouse has developed his own brand of treatment. While some chiropractors offer temporary relief, Dr. Greathouse wants to permanently restore his patients to make them more active and able to live a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of living an active ...

SBIR and STTR proposal consultant JHEverson Consulting offers proposal research, business development for DoD, DoT, federal government RFPs

For understaffed companies that submit SBIR and STTR proposals under stringent deadlines and with stiff competition, JHEverson Consulting, provides a timely and competitive advantage with proposal research and commercialization planning. Unlike consultants that focus on either technology or business, JHEverson Consulting has both broad technical expertise and demonstrated business-development results. To find out more about JHEverson Consulting's services, please visit Prior to forming this consultancy, Dr. Jeffrey Everson was director ...

Eric Jones "EJ" Winner of "Karma Butler's American Dance Legend" TV Series (Season 1) Announced on CBS Television

Eric Jones, "EJ," won the title "The American Dance Legend" on CBS television, an affiliate station, after performing breath taking choreography, speaking astutely to fans and the public, and telling viewers, "Everybody here brought something different, and at any time they could have won and I would have been fine with that, I am just so privileged to finally have come here and won something." Watch a video of EJ winning the title "The American Dance Legend" at this link: Jones, a 21-year-old from Chesapeake, Va., won the ...

Global Health Trax Debuts New Liquid Fiber Dietary Supplements for Improved Digestive Health

Global Health Trax, Inc., a leading nutraceutical manufacturer, has added to its lineup of digestive health products with the debut of Clarifiber and Yummy Fiber for kids featuring a smooth, clear fiber in a highly absorbable liquid form. The new liquid fiber dietary supplements join the ranks of ThreeLac, the company's top-selling, original probiotic that, for over a decade, has fostered intestinal health with beneficial microflora. "I highly recommend the use of a quality fiber product such as Clarifiber when taking probiotics because it assists in the removal of bad ...

Author Jeanette Michelle Welcomes Author/Screenplay writer Kelvin Williams as a special guest on The Dark Mantis Talk show

Kelvin Williams the author of "The Book of Roses Rainclouds and Reflections" is scheduled to be on the Dark Mantis Talk show, Wednesday, August 18th 2010 to discuss his writing journey. Kelvin is also the Founder of UTE Media Productions, which is considered the home of the Worlds Greatest story sellers. Author and host of the Dark Mantis Talk show, Jeanette will interview Kelvin for the very first time to discuss his past, present and future projects. Kelvin Williams attended the BWRC (Black Writers Reunion and Conference) in Atlanta Georgia this past June of 2010. ...

An Invitation No Franchisor Should Refuse: The Entrepreneur's Source Hosts Exclusive Franchisor Discovery and Networking Event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The sheer pace of professionals making the move to entrepreneurship is extraordinary. Millions are creating new businesses for themselves at a tempo surpassing even last decade's tech boom (Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity). The Entrepreneur's Source (TES), the franchise industry's leading career and business coaching company, has taken hold of this wave of entrepreneurism, amassing a pool of more than 10,000 franchisee candidate leads a month for its franchisor partners. Tapping into this collection of candidates and much more on the topic of current and future ...

"The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's myRMX App is Ready to Drop In on Your iPhone/iPod Touch" myRMX Announces the Release of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's myRMX App for iPhone/iPod Touch

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour rolls out, "The Golden Age" and "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" as future classics spin'n on myRMX. The artists were totally hip to myRMX's awesome potential for social sharing, user-generated content, remixing, and personalization all through a killer mobile phone game. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour totally dug the opportunity to jell with fans through myRMX's unique experience. "Of the myriad music-based games available, myRMX promises to be one of the most fun and engaging for music fans," said Alicia Yaffe, VP of New Media and Strategic Marketing ...


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