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VPS Hosting Company 4t Networks is Pleased to Announce Its Upgrade to SmarterMail 9

VPS and Cloud hosting company 4t Networks announces the arrival of SmarterMail 9 for its email hosting services. SmarterMail 9 is a significant upgrade from SmarterMail 8.

ATLANTA, GA, May 17, 2012 ( VPS hosting company 4t Networks is pleased to announce that it has upgraded to SmarterMail 9 for its email hosting and Cloud virtual machine services.

SmarterMail 9 is seamlessly integrated with Exchange Web Services (EWS), which SmarterMail is confident is the replacement for outdated MAPI technology. EWS allows for Exchange-like access to individual calendars, tasks, contacts, and email via Outlook and other supported clients.

The interface for SmarterMail 9 has also been improved significantly, allowing for faster processing and mobile device use. This upgrade has created full compatibility with touch screen devices so that users can have complete access to all of SmarterMail's features when using their tablet computers.

As spam and viruses are frequently concerns, SmarterMail provides both incoming and outgoing spam and virus protection filtering. Outgoing spam and virus filtering is a new feature with version 9, and serves to protect your company from accidental virus perpetuation.

SmarterMail 9 is a major evolutionary leap for the SmarterMail system, making it an even more viable Exchange alternative. Virtual server hosting company 4t Networks is pleased to offer its clients this lower cost solution to their hosted email demands, and they are proud to be able to provide SmarterMail 9 to Cloud hosting clients as well.

"SmarterMail version 9 is a significant upgrade from version 8," notes Kevin Gray, President of 4t Networks. "We're excited to finally be able to offer this newly released version of SmarterMail."

To learn more about email hosting and managed virtual hosting with 4t Networks, please go to

About 4t Networks

4t Networks is a managed virtual hosting company based out of metro Atlanta. Since 2004, 4t Networks has been providing the world with the very best in Virtual Private Servers, Cloud hosting and Email hosting. Superior customer service, a top tier data center and dedicated server virtual space make 4t Networks the best choice in virtual hosting for your VPS, Cloud machine, and email hosting needs. With customizable data and usage plans, you can always get the dedicated server space your company requires from 4t Networks.

To learn more about 4t Networks, please visit

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Anne DeVito
Project Coordinator
Cardinal Web Solutions


USGS details effects of climate change on water availability in 14 local basins nationwide

Climate change projections indicate a steady increase in temperature progressing through the 21st century, generally resulting in snowpack reductions, changes to the timing of snowmelt, altered streamflows, and reductions in soil moisture, all of which could affect water management, agriculture, recreation, hazard mitigation, and ecosystems across the nation. Despite some widespread similarities in climate change trends, climate change will affect specific water basins in the U.S. differently, based on the particular hydrologic and geologic conditions in that area. New ...

UW plant breeders develop an even heart-healthier oat

MADISON – University of Wisconsin-Madison plant breeders have developed a new oat variety that's significantly higher in the compound that makes this grain so cardio-friendly. "The biggest thing that stands out about this new variety, BetaGene, is that it's both a high yielding variety and high in beta glucan. Beta glucan is a heart-healthy chemical that is exclusive to oats," says John Mochon, program manager of the Small Grains Breeding Program in the UW-Madison agronomy department. BetaGene is 2 percent higher in beta glucan on average than other oat varieties on ...

Clark & Washington Reports Atlanta Bankruptcies Top 2,500 in January 2012

Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys, Clark & Washington report that Atlanta area bankruptcies crested 2,500 in January 2012. While many still fear the stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy in Georgia, Clark & Washington reminds them that there is no shame involved, and in fact it is often the best option available for getting back on the road to financial success. The precise tally of Atlanta bankruptcy filing in January was 2,533. For those that have filed bankruptcy in Georgia or are contemplating filing, that number should let them know they are not alone. Not ...

OMG! Texting ups truthfulness, new iPhone study suggests

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Text messaging is a surprisingly good way to get candid responses to sensitive questions, according to a new study to be presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. "The preliminary results of our study suggest that people are more likely to disclose sensitive information via text messages than in voice interviews," says Fred Conrad, a cognitive psychologist and Director of the Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR). "This is sort of surprising," ...

Baby galaxies grew up quickly

Baby galaxies grew up quickly
VIDEO: Astrophysicist Jens-Kristian Krogager explains about baby galaxies from the young universe more than 12 billion years ago evolved faster than previously thought. This means that already in the early history... Click here for more information. Baby galaxies from the young Universe more than 12 billion years ago evolved faster than previously thought, shows new research from the Niels Bohr Institute. This means that already in the early history of the Universe, there ...

Clark & Washington Reports 1,129 Orlando Bankruptcies in January

For those that are facing financial hardships, the Orlando bankruptcy lawyers at Clark & Washington want them to know that there is hope. Too many times the idea of bankruptcy in Orlando is overlooked because people are unaware of it even being an option, or they needlessly feel ashamed. With 1,129 Orlando bankruptcies in January 2012, no one is alone, and there is no reason to feel ashamed. Filing for bankruptcy in Orlando can seem overwhelming, and most people do not even know where to start. Anyone facing financial hardship should seek a qualified bankruptcy attorney ...

EuroPCR 2012 press release from Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Le mélange des genres" - Mixing genres, Jacques Moret In the Keynote Lecture, Jacques Moret argues that interventional cardiologists and interventional vascular radiologists have the ideal background, in terms of endovascular skill and training, to support interventional neuroradiologists in providing 24-hour cover for stroke patients who need mechanical thrombectomy of cerebral arteries. A highly sophisticated but rather dangerous procedure is beneficial for the patient, as long as the doctor is not more dangerous than the disease itself. Training and maintaining such ...

Clark & Washington Report 1,131 Tampa Bankruptcies in January

Tampa bankruptcy lawyers, Clark & Washington, reported that 1,131 Tampa area residents filed for bankruptcy in January 2012. This is below the monthly average for Tampa bankruptcy in 2011; however, there are still many facing financial hardships in Tampa, and Clark & Washington wants Tampa residents to know that they are not alone if they are considering filing for bankruptcy in Tampa. Total reported bankruptcy in Tampa for 2011 totaled around 18,000. The decrease in filings has been substantial after just the first month of 2012, though there are many Tampa ...

How the worm knows where its nose is

For decades, scientists have studied Caenorhabditis elegans – tiny, transparent worms – to glean clues about how neurons develop and function. A new Harvard study suggests that the worms' nervous system is much more capable and complex than previously thought, and has a way to monitor its own motion, a model one day could serve to develop treatments for disorders like schizophrenia. While most research into the worms' neurons has shown that each performs as a single functional unit, Yun Zhang, Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Center for ...

Atlanta Pool Repair Company Pinnacle Pool Services Warns Pool Owners About Ants

Atlanta pool services company Pinnacle Pool Services wishes to warn pool owners about the destruction ants can wreak on a pool system. Ants are one of the top pest control issues for Georgia residents in summer. Their presence, however, is not just limited to the yard. In fact, ants adore both the water and the electricity they can find near swimming pools. Their natural affinity for electricity can lead ants straight to your pool's filter pump. They will often try to build their colony nest in the filter pump, filling the filter with soil and filling the pump motor ...


How your brain decides blame and punishment -- and how it can be changed

Uniquely human brain region enables punishment decisions

Pinpointing punishment

Chapman University publishes research on attractiveness and mating

E-cigarettes: Special issue from Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Placental problems in early pregnancy associated with 5-fold increased risk of OB & fetal disorders

UT study: Invasive brood parasites a threat to native bird species

Criminals acquire guns through social connections

Restoring ocean health

Report: Cancer remains leading cause of death in US Hispanics

Twin study suggests genetic factors contribute to insomnia in adults

To be fragrant or not: Why do some male hairstreak butterflies lack scent organs?

International team discovers natural defense against HIV

Bolivian biodiversity observatory takes its first steps

Choice of college major influences lifetime earnings more than simply getting a degree

Dominant strain of drug-resistant MRSA decreases in hospitals, but persists in community

Synthetic biology needs robust safety mechanisms before real world application

US defense agencies increase investment in federal synthetic biology research

Robots help to map England's only deep-water Marine Conservation Zone

Mayo researchers identify protein -- may predict who will respond to PD-1 immunotherapy for melanoma

How much water do US fracking operations really use?

New approach to mammograms could improve reliability

The influence of citizen science grows despite some resistance

Unlocking secrets of how fossils form

What happens on the molecular level when smog gets into the lungs?

Using ultrasound to clean medical instruments

Platinum and iron oxide working together get the job done

Tiny silica particles could be used to repair damaged teeth, research shows

A quantum lab for everyone

No way? Charity's logo may influence perception of food in package

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VPS and Cloud hosting company 4t Networks announces the arrival of SmarterMail 9 for its email hosting services. SmarterMail 9 is a significant upgrade from SmarterMail 8. is a service of DragonFly Company. All Rights Reserved.
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