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Michigan Women's Foundation Releases Independent Research Finding Quantifying Increase in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Young Girls.

The number of young girls victimized by the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is trending upward in Michigan, according to new research released today by Michigan Women's Foundation in partnership with Women's Funding Network.

DETROIT, MI, August 21, 2010 ( Michigan Women's Foundation Releases Independent Research Finding Quantifying Increase in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Young Girls.

141 were CSEC victims on a typical night in Michigan via escort services and website postings ...

The number of young girls victimized by the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is trending upward in Michigan, according to new research released today by Michigan Women's Foundation in partnership with Women's Funding Network.

The May 2010 tracking study, conducted by The Schapiro Group, an independent, third-party research firm tapped by Women's Funding Network, identified noticeable increases in the availability of young girls commercially exploited in Michigan.

The May study included the most popular outlets for domestic commercial exploitation: the Internet and escort services. In Michigan:

 141 young girls were victims of CSEC - up from 117 in February 2010 (20.5% increase)
 The percentage of Michigan escort services offering "full service" (industry code for sex) as well as the percentage offering "young" females is consistent with other states during the current study period - but previously was comparatively quite low
 Michigan Internet classifieds websites had the highest percentage of "young" females of any of the states in the study, which also included New York and Minnesota
 Monthly domestic trafficking of adolescent girls in Michigan is more pervasive than the annual number of females under age 25 killed in car accidents in one year - 106; and the annual number of females under age 25 who committed suicide in one year - 31

To raise awareness in our state about the number of CSEC victims, affect social change on this issue, and support comprehensive and holistic services for victims across sectors, the Michigan Women's Foundation has been selected by the Women's Funding Network to receive a grant to replicate the successful campaign from Georgia, "A Future. Not a Past," and to support AFNAP's efforts nationally.

"In the past two years, Michigan media have covered such shocking CSEC crimes as Dennis Paige and his internet child prostitution network and Robert C. Daniels' child exploitation enterprise, "says Carolyn Cassin, president and CEO for Michigan Women's Foundation. "Though these cases -- resulting in convictions for these two adult criminals -- were highly publicized, how many more young girls are being victimized on our streets nightly and whose cases are never reported? MWF believes it is time to start investing in solutions that will protect our daughters." In September, MWF will hold a planning session with members representing many sectors across the state that can affect change for CSEC victims.

"As with any initiative to change societal norms, unbiased research is crucial to the identification of solutions," says Chris Grumm, CEO and president of Women's Funding Network (WFN). "State-by-state trend numbers provide essential data to understanding the prevalence of this crime. Women's Funding Network, along with Michigan Women's Foundation, maintains our commitment to the expansion of quantifiable, scientific research." According to Grumm, this research includes geographic scope of supply, as well as research measuring demand that drives this illicit, but booming industry in the United States.

About "A Future. Not A Past."(AFNAP)

"A Future. Not A Past." is a campaign to stop the prostitution of our nation's children. The campaign seeks to protect and inspire hope in girls who have survived commercial sexual exploitation; prosecute and increase penalties for pimps and johns; and disable demand. For more information, visit
Through a four-tiered strategy of research, prevention, intervention and education, the Georgia AFNAP campaign - in partnership with a bi-partisan, multi-sector coalition has:
 Helped to re-write Georgia's law to ensure that juvenile victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking are treated as just that - victims, not criminals.
 Worked with the state legislature to pass a bill to define exploitation as child abuse, yield $2,084,680 in public funding and form an interdisciplinary study commission formed by legislators, prosecutors and law enforcement.
 Trained over 1,100 law enforcement officials statewide and generated 39.8 million earned media impressions in just over a year.

About the Study: Adolescent Girls in the United States Sex Trade - Tracking Results for May, 2010

The May tracking study is designed to count adolescent girls using scientific probability methods when they are encountered through two sources: ads on Internet classifieds websites and escort services. These are two of the main sources by which johns find girls. The May results are part of a multi-year quarterly tracking study that began in February 2010. For the counts, researchers called, tracked and calculated all escort service listings in addition to methodically evaluating placed ads featuring young girls on popular Internet sites being used by johns looking for commercial sex with adolescent girls.

About Michigan Women's Foundation

Michigan Women's Foundation (MIWF) has dedicated more than 20 years to championing the causes of social justice for women and girls through public and grantee education, philanthropy and advocacy.
More information can be found at

About Women's Funding Network

As a global network and a movement for social justice, Women's Funding Network accelerates women's leadership and invests in solving critical social problems -- from poverty to global security -- by bringing together the financial power, influence and voices of more than 160 women's funds.

Women's Funding Network has made a three-year commitment to fund groundbreaking state-by-state research which will be used to identify solutions and turn the spotlight on businesses and criminals fueling demand. Learn more at

About The Schapiro Group

The Schapiro Group is a strategic research and consulting firm based in Atlanta that serves a variety of clients, including corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Lori Kitchen
313.640.0128 x 206


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[] Michigan Women's Foundation Releases Independent Research Finding Quantifying Increase in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Young Girls.
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