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Internships are Essential for Students Entering a Diminishing Job Market

With so much competition in the job market, it's difficult for a recent graduate to stand out and get noticed and now employers are looking for more than education on prospective employees' resumes.

FREDERICK, MD, August 24, 2010 ( Companies, including AGV SPORT, are now offering more internship opportunities than ever to college and even high school students. According to, "Internships are no longer thought of as a nice thing to have but have become a necessity for those interested in finding employment in a particular industry or organization." Internships allow high school and college students to explore their career field as well as gain skills they will be able to utilize when they are navigating the job market. The article The New World of Internships in Time Magazine writes, "Research shows internships help prepare youth for the world of work in other subtle ways....Even the mental stress of work on youth might have a lasting positive effect...helping better cope with stress when they [enter] the real world." Working in a professional environment at an age where one is in the process of shaping who they are as a business person gives the students an advantage that doesn't go unnoticed.

Although most internships are unpaid, statistics show that students reap the rewards in the long run. The National Association of Colleges and Education (NACE) conducted a survey among college 2010 graduates comparing the starting salaries of those who have held internships with those who have not. Average starting salaries for students with prior office experience was $41,580 while those with no experience were offered an average of $34,601. "The focus on internships as a tool for professional success has never been greater..." as said by the New York Times in the article Crucial Unpaid Internships Increasingly Separate the Haves from the Have-Nots. "The interest in internships is at a fever used to be that internships used to be a useful enhancement to one's resume. Now it's universally perceived as an essential stepping stone to career success." Throughout the years, it's been observed that internships are increasingly leading to full time jobs within the company.

People of all ages are attacking the job market now more than ever. Someone with a college degree and a few years of professional work experience has an obvious advantage over a graduate with minimal experience. Therefore, it's essential for students to get an early handle on their industry of interest and make connections that could potentially lead to a full time job. A 2008 survey conducted by NACE found that "Employers...extended job offers to nearly 70 percent of their interns; in 2001, they offered jobs to 57 percent...Employers consistently name the internship program as one of the most effective tools they have for hiring new college graduates." Networking and making connections within one's industry of interest is fundamental due to the pool of applicants for any job market being at an all time high.

The importance of internships cannot be stressed enough by college advisors and employers. Students need to shape their business persona and acquire skills early on in order to succeed and secure a job in their career field. Forbes recently published an article on their website using statistics from a study on what companies hire the most interns. Some U.S. companies that topped the list include General Mills, General Electric, and Walgreens which have all increased the number of interns throughout the years.

With each industry, the availability of internships varies depending on popularity. The motorsports industry, for example, is small compared to others and therefore harder to get in to. Currently AGV SPORT, a motorsports apparel company designing race suits and jackets among other things under the direction of Michael Parrotte, has numerous intern openings from working within the legal department located in the vicinity of the D.C. area to actually designing the leathers. The legal internships provide the students with an opportunity to work with corporate, property, and immigration law, as well as laws surrounding violence against women. These internships aren't just for motorsport minded individuals, but for those interested in acquiring necessary skills for the business world. Other hands-on positions include management, marketing, sales, graphic arts, regional race representative, and social network manager. International and out-of-state students are encouraged to apply due to the free housing provided by the company and along with accommodations, company transportation is provided and college credit and compensation are available.

With unemployment rates being at an all time low, it's essential for students to seek out business experience and build a one-of-a-kind resume that stands out from the rest.

To learn more about AGV SPORT internships and how you can be a step ahead of the rest, visit the AGV SPORT website as well as or send an email to Internship coordinators can also be reached by phones at (800) 777-7006 or (301) 663-4550 and resumes can be faxed to (301) 663-8950 or mailed to PO Box 378 Buckeystown, MD 21717. You can also view the AGVSPORT Facebook page.


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[] Internships are Essential for Students Entering a Diminishing Job Market
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