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Top Business Strategist Will Upset Business Consulting Industry with New Profit Maximization Business Model

Profit Strategist Alan Borcic, CEO of DNGA Inc, one of the leading international business consulting companies, released his free 7 steps formula: "Quantum Profit Multiplier System " that follow profit maximization business model.

TORONTO, ON, June 12, 2013 ( DNGA Inc, business consulting boutique, introduces this powerful profit maximization and proprietary system which includes exclusive no-cost training for 7 figures IT businesses. The training will turn upside down common business practices of swimming in the sea of sameness. Proprietary and immensely powerful training solutions outline the exact process that ultra successful IT business owners use today to strategically position themselves as the number one in their field, so that competition will not stand a chance.
One of the core training concepts allows IT business owners to create their competitive advantage and reach the expert status in the eyes of their target market. Another concept teaches how to claim the trusted advisor role and how to conquer the market place. This differentiation is the reason why DNGA Inc. is one of the fastest growing business consulting companies in the world today.

The Quantum Profit Multiplier System coaching program also offers savvy IT business owners precious insights into psychology of selling process. The coaching programs provides step by step processes to building a proper framework in which to position yourself as the best and only choice for your market place.

"People buy today as they did 100 years ago, with their emotions. Only afterwards they use logic to justify their emotional buying decisions. Proper positioning and framing lead to successful differentiation. THAT is the key to profit maximization. No one became wildly successful by doing the same thing as their competition," explains owner Alan Borcic.

Borcic's Quantum Profit Multiplier System training shows IT business owners how to create powerful business, marketing and productivity systems to systematize their companies and skyrocket their profit. "Profit maximization is easily reached when you start with the end in mind. A systematized business is worth 25% - 100% more and sells two times faster," states Borcic.

Alan Borcic aka Profit Maker, is one of the top international business consultants and highly sought after business strategist, as well as CEO of DNGA Inc. Alan is renowned for his uncanny ability to unlock true potential of his clients, uncover highly effective profitable strategies and create high-octane, performance explosive and ultra successful models, which will create a quantum leap for your business. Alan believes that any business owners can have highly effective and profitable business system created in less than 60 days.


STRIKER - The All-In-One Tool For Outdoor Sports Success Launches In The US

Amsterdam-based technology company Beestar has launched the first hyper-precise outdoor sports analysis tool that helps coaches and athletes bring their game to the next level. With 360-degree insight into game dynamics and athletic performance through kinematics, and allowing for advanced broadcasting and reporting capabilities using pinpoint positional data, Striker is the all-in-one tool for sports success. Because winning is in the details. Unlike video feeds and GPS tools, Striker is accurate to the inch and provides open APIs. It doesn't just capture the highlights: ...

Archangel Raphael Is The Supreme Healer In The Angelic Realm. Raphael Means "God Heals;" Kelly Kolodney Sharing Raphael's Message For Us

Kelly is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications. It was in 1989, during her senior year in college, that she began channeling the Angel Raphael. Her work has been documented in the book The Healing Consciousness by Dr. Beth Dupree M.D. Kelly has been interviewed by radio hosts around the country; she has channeled for individuals and groups of people across the United States and around the world. is a venture that Kelly and her husband, Samuel Kolodney, started to increase the reach of the ...

Selby Condos, Lofts, Villas Announces Occupancy Beginning December 2013. Located in Westmount, Quebec, Canada, these Units are within Minutes of Downtown Montreal, the MUHC and Major Hotspots

Selby Condos, lofts and villas is proud to announce that due to significant progress with construction, Phase 1 units will now be available for occupancy as early as December 2013! Information is now available online on their new website. showcases all the unique features of this condo development in Westmount, Quebec just next to downtown Montreal and within walking distance from the new McGill University Heath Center Super Hospital. Selby condos is expected to become one of the province's largest LEED-certified residential complexes. The first release ...

Otto Media Brings Local History to the Screen with 150th Anniversary Film for the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse Annual Gala

Otto Media helped the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse celebrate its 150th anniversary by creating a film that shows the center's unique history. The celebration gala, where the film will be shown, took place on June 6, 2013 at Traditions at the Links. The film focuses on the legacy of the Jewish Community Center and its significance in the Syracuse community. The film also covers the role of the center today, featuring the numerous programs it currently offers its members. After its debut at the 150th celebration, the video will be featured on the Jewish Community ...

New Web Series Dishes In Pre-Production in Atlanta

Writer, Producer and show creator, Lashanda Willis has announced that "Dishes: The Series" is currently in pre-production. The series is a mockumentary about the staff of an Atlanta restaurant, their experiences with customers and life. The explosion of online video in recent years has been fuelled, and leads, by pioneer creators. Lashanda has joined those discovering a brand new world. Joining forces with her partner, Producer Shakesha Dennis-Williams, production begins in the fall of 2013. The concept of the show came to Willis back in the winter of 2012, ...

Securus CEO Chris Newton to Participate in Key Discussion Panel at Connected World 2013 Conference Event

Securus, Inc., maker of a groundbreaking line of personal and enterprise mobile safety and security products, announced today that company CEO Chris Newton will participate in a key panel at the Connected World 2013 Conference, which is currently underway at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and Santa Clara Convention Center. The discussion panel - "What Is the Data Telling Us?" - takes place on Wednesday, June 12 beginning at 3:45 PM. Moderated by Matt Hatton of Machina Research and including tech executives Scott Hublou (EcoFactor) and Joseph Mader (Guardity ...

Motivate and Inspire Employees with Low Cost Summer Events in New York City

Retensa, a leader in Employee Retention and Research and developer of Employee Retention News, publishes its 10th annual list of Summer Fun Activities to help firms boost employee morale, build social community at work, and increase employee productivity. Many activities are inexpensive or free to an organization and its employees, a great way to reduce employee costs while improving corporate culture. Why Summer Activities and Events Motivate and Retain Employees When employees engage in interactive activities with co-workers during work hours or take time to relax ...

Chef Eddie Wilson Of The Chef's Academy To Speak At Career And Technical Education Summer Conference

The Chef's Academy (, the Culinary Division of Harrison College, a 110-year-old, nationally accredited institution that offers 40 degree programs in five schools of study, has announced that Executive Chef Eddie Wilson will serve as a presenter at the 2013 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Summer Conference. An annual conference, the event is geared toward family and consumer sciences education teachers in North Carolina. At the conference, Chef Eddie will lead two 40-minute courses, one focused on the fundamentals of plate presentation ...

Dr. Edmond Suh Awarded Fellowship In Academy Of General Dentistry

Dr. Edmond Suh of Supremia Dentistry (, a Triangle-based dental practice that delivers advanced patient care through the use of cutting edge technology, has achieved fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Recognized for his commitment to learning and excellence in patient care, Dr. Suh now is among a select five percent of dentists in the U.S. and Canada who receive the distinction of this fellowship. The FAGD designation demonstrates Dr. Suh's dedication to lifelong learning, advanced dental techniques and technology, and a genuine ...

Nurse Response CEO to be Featured Speaker at World Congress Leadership Summit on Medicaid

Nurse Response, a provider of multilingual telehealth services, is honored to have its CEO and President Kimberly Tuck, RN, speak at the upcoming World Congress 3rd Annual Leadership Summit on Medicaid. Tuck will be co-presenting a session entitled "Better Access, Better Care: Will Medicaid Care Improve Under the Affordable Care Act?" The session will focus on four main points: • The current gap in care for Medicaid recipients and how much it will increase with expansion; • How providers will work with Medicaid plans to provide care for the expansion population; • ...


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[] Top Business Strategist Will Upset Business Consulting Industry with New Profit Maximization Business Model
Profit Strategist Alan Borcic, CEO of DNGA Inc, one of the leading international business consulting companies, released his free 7 steps formula: "Quantum Profit Multiplier System " that follow profit maximization business model.