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Changes in Guest Expectations Shape Hospitality Industry, Explains Sam Mustafa

Sam Mustafa, founder of the Charleston Hospitality Group, sheds light on how shifts in the expectations of guests can impact services provided by hospitality companies.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 26, 2013 ( Sam Mustafa, founder of the Charleston Hospitality Group, is a professional who has, for many years, worked to provide guests of hospitality-based companies with a superior experience, whether they are dining, enjoying local nightlife, or utilizing the group's transportation services. As such, Mustafa and his business partners are well aware that their services are shaped by the expectations of their guests--and the ways in which they believe that they can best meet these expectations while providing the high quality experience that every great hospitality organization strives for.

A recent article published by Yahoo! News highlights the controversial decision of Hilton Midtown in New York City to do away with room service. A staple in hotels around the world, room service allows guests to enjoy meals cooked by in-house chefs from the comfort of their rooms, and as such permits them to relax while traveling. The decision has supporters and detractors, both of which raise valid points. The article explains that individuals who are opposed to this decision are citing the fact that they want to be waited on while traveling for business or pleasure, as it adds to the overall experience. Individuals who support the decision cite the high prices of room service (due to the overhead involved with this particular activity) as problems for both hotels and their patrons, as guests end up paying significantly more for their food than if they were to dine out at a nearby restaurant. Additionally, the article explains, tighter travel expense budgets for business guests have limited their ability to invest in room service, making sales drop.

Sam Mustafa believes that this decision is one that will create a shift in the hospitality industry, as it will impact both hotels and the restaurants within them. Furthermore, it will help to determine just how important room service--once considered an integral aspect of the hotel experience--really is to today's travelers.

"The hospitality industry is one that is dictated by the needs of consumers," comments Mustafa. "Basically, professionals in this industry are tasked with determining what consumers want and how to best provide it in the most cost-effective manner possible. The decision that Hilton has made is a major one, and it represents a significant change in how the hospitality industry works. However, I believe it will serve as a milestone decision in that it will help the industry as a whole to determine whether or not room service is still an important consideration for consumers. If not, hotels and restaurants may change their approach to guest service significantly in these environments."

Sam Mustafa encourages hospitality professionals to pay close attention to the evolving needs and expectations of clients in order to best serve them--and keep their businesses thriving.


Sam Mustafa is the founder of the Charleston Hospitality Group, which was established in 2008. Through nine companies and five brands, this organization provides residents and visitors in the Charleston, South Carolina, area a high quality experience via nightlife, food, transportation, and catering services. Mustafa and his business partners and employees have served to enhance the Charleston community while offering their customers the best in support.


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[] Changes in Guest Expectations Shape Hospitality Industry, Explains Sam Mustafa
Sam Mustafa, founder of the Charleston Hospitality Group, sheds light on how shifts in the expectations of guests can impact services provided by hospitality companies.