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Cacao of Excellence announces 2023 Cacao of Excellence gold, silver, and bronze award winners

Cacao of Excellence announces 2023 Cacao of Excellence gold, silver, and bronze award winners

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (February 8, 2024) – Cacao of Excellence, a programme of the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) announced today the winners of the 2023 Cacao of Excellence Awards, honouring excellence in the cultivation of cacao, while also supporting and encouraging a more sustainable sector. The full list of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners can be found below and on the Cacao of Excellence website.

The winners were announced today, February 8, 2024, during a live ceremony split into the following regions: Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Indian Ocean, South America, and Central America and the Caribbean. The event was held at the Chocoa Trade Fair and Chocolate Festival and was co-hosted by Julien Simonis, Cacao of Excellence Programme Manager, Marie-Amélie Ormières, Founder of Constellation Cacao and former Cacao of Excellence Jury Panelist, and Mariana De La Rosa, Co-Founder of Gaia Cacao and Manager at Chocoa. The event brought a diverse range of guests together including Cacao of Excellence Best 50 nominees, members of National Organisation Committees overseeing participation of producers, as well as entities from over 50 cacao origins, cacao cooperatives, agricultural institutes, traders, buyers, manufacturers, chocolate enthusiasts, and Chocoa Trade Fair guests.

Speakers and presenters included Juan Lucas Restrepo, Director General of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Michel Arrion, Executive Director of the International Cocoa Organization, Federico Sisti, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Umbria, Ed Seguine, President of Seguine Cacao Cocoa and Chocolate Advisors, Andrea Doucet, Global Brand Leader for Cacao Barry of Barry Callebaut,  as well as 2023 Cacao of Excellence Jury Panelists Clémentine Chaussé, Global R&D of Puratos, Valentine Detalle, Research and Development Manager of Barry Callebaut, Laura Sweitzer, Director of Sustainability and Strategic Sourcing of Tcho Chocolate, Andrea Mecozzi, sustainable cacao sourcing expert and founder of Cacao Clandestino, Florent Coste, Cacao Technician of Valrhona, Vincent Ferreira, Vice President of Bean To Bar France and Director General of Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus, Alexandre Bellion, Chocolatier and owner of Chocolaterie Alexandre Consulting and Development, Karin Chatelain, Food Sensory Scientist of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Stephen Yaw Opoku, Plant Physiologist of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, Dorine Kassi, cacao quality flavour expert and trainer, Dr Naailah Ali, cacao quality and flavour researcher of the Cocoa Research Centre of the University of the West Indies, Dr Darin Sukha, Research Fellow and lead of the Cocoa Research Centre of the University of the West Indies’ Flavour and Quality Section, John Kehoe, Director of Sustainability of the Guittard Chocolate Company, Gary Guittard, owner of the Guittard Chocolate Company, Dr Nubia Martinez, cacao and chocolate sensory evaluation expert, Dr Zoi Papalexandratou, Cacao R&D expert and Lead Cocoa Advisor of Zoto BV, César Magaña, Cacao Director of Belco, and Adriana Arciniegas Leal, Cacao Researcher of the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE).

"Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Edition of the Cacao of Excellence Awards—whose incredible achievements and dedication continue to push the sector forward”,  said Juan Lucas Restrepo, Director General of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, host of the Cacao of Excellence programme.

“These Awards stand as a celebration of the hard work, expertise, and commitment of producers to elevating cacao quality and sustainability. This recognition not only honours producers but also underscores the broader importance of their role in shaping the future of the cacao sector.”

“The 2023 Edition of the Cacao of Excellence Awards marks a monumental milestone for our programme as the new Cacao of Excellence R&D Cacao Laboratory, equipped with an exceptional team, received, analysed, and processed all submitted cacao samples following the stringent protocols outlined in our recently published Guide for the Assessment of Cacao Quality and Flavour,” said Julien Simonis, Cacao of Excellence Programme Manager. “Deep appreciation goes to the 2023 Edition’s technical committee members and jury panelists for their respective analysis of cacao mass, and chocolate samples. We extend gratitude to every cacao producer who participated in this Edition for their extraordinary commitment, and to National Organisation Committee members whose dedication made these remarkable wins possible." Simonis added,

“The Cacao of Excellence journey continues to unfold, with an enduring commitment to honour and reward producers of Excellence, spearhead innovation in cacao quality, and empower origins to adeptly analyse, value, and market their superior quality cacao.”

Cacao of Excellence aims to catalyse a transformation in the cacao sector by discovering and rewarding excellence, empowering farmers and connecting them to the market, driving innovation and standards, and safeguarding genetic diversity.

For the 2023 Edition, Cacao of Excellence received 222 cacao bean samples from 52 participating origins hailing from Africa and the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America. The process for bean reception, processing and analysis can be found on the How the Cacao of Excellence Awards work webpage.

For the 2023 Edition, the Technical Committee’s evaluation of all 222 samples processed into cacao mass led to the selection of the Best 50 nominees eligible for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards. Nominated samples were processed into chocolate and evaluated by a broader jury panel consisting of 32 experts from various professions such as chocolatiers, sensory evaluation experts, and bean sourcers.

“It was an honour and a privilege to judge the 2023 Edition and be able to discover an incredible array of flavour diversity across each cacao sample – warm congratulations to the winners,” said 2023 Cacao of Excellence Jury Panelist Laura Sweitzer. Added Jury Panelist Adriana Arciniegas Leal, “Exploring the vibrant colours, aromas, and flavours of the samples is truly incredible. Each diverse and complex sample sparks curiousity, and the blind evaluation process prompts this further. I am grateful to have gone on this sensory journey.”

For many of the 2023 participating producers who reached the Best 50, the Awards give visibility to their work and the quality of their cacao. The value from this international recognition helps them receive better prices for their efforts, ensures that the crop they grow is more sustainable, and motivates them to cultivate better cacao. For Bronze winner Moïse Lantoum from the Republic of the Congo,

“I make a living from cacao just as my parents, grandparents and great grandparents have before me. The money we earn from cacao and getting recognised for our know-how is what drives us to do better and produce excellent cacao.”

Gold winner Marco Corsetti of Costa Rica’s Chocolatera del Volcan said, “winning an award is important to us as farmers because it helps us achieve a better price for our efforts and this is important in the face of local production costs.”

Global recognition and prestige validate the hard work involved in cultivating excellent cacao.  This rang true for Peru’s Gold winner, Carmen Montes Taipe of the Asociación Productores Agropecuarios Valle Nazangaro de Vizcatan del Ene-Vraem who said, “the Awards are an important window to the world, helping our product gain global recognition and creating value for our cacao.” For the Philippines Silver winner Judith Gabasa of the Saloy Organic Farmers Association, “our goal in participating in the Awards was to showcase our community and our farmers association, nationally and globally, and to inspire other farmers.”

2023 Cacao of Excellence Awards winners

The Cacao of Excellence Awards, considered to be among the world’s most prestigious honours, recognise exceptional cacao producers for the superior quality and flavour diversity of their cacao, from all corners of the world. Held every two years since 2009, the Awards have spurred the participation of over 55 cacao origins, the establishment of National Organisation Committees in 45 origins and dedicated national cacao quality competitions in over 25 origins.

The 2023 Cacao of Excellence Gold, Silver and Bronze winners are:

Africa and the Indian Ocean


Togo - SCOOPS IKPA - Komi Aziague   


Nigeria - Okongor Obasi Tanzania - Kokoa Kamili - Women's Lot Togo - ETSONENYO - Komla Yebo


Cameroon - Unité Moderne de Production du Cacao d’Excellence UMOPROCAOE - Sebastien Ateba Mveng Congo, Rep. of - Moïse Lantoum Congo, Dem. Rep. of - Cacao Okapi – Mungamba Côte d’Ivoire - N'Dri Kacou Ghana - Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana Ghana - Daniel Nti Ghana - Emmanuel Takyi Nigeria - Ehimika Emmanuel Togo - Kossi Guezere Asia and the Pacific


Hawaii - Green Farms Hawaii Hawaii - Maui Kuia Estate - Reserve       Hawaii - Will Lydgate and the Lydgate Farms Ohana       Indonesia PT. Ebier Suth Cokran Cooperative         Indonesia - PT. Perkebunan Hasfarm Sukokulon Taiwan - Hsi Hsien Lai    Thailand - Beantobar Chocolate Chanthaburi Co., Ltd.           


Indonesia - Koperasi Kakao Kerta Semaya Samaniya Malaysia - Mispari Ramli         Philippines - Saloy Organic Farmers Association Taiwan - Chung Sheng Chen Central America and the Caribbean


Costa Rica - Chocolatera del Volcán El Salvador - Rafael Moisés Ochoa Pinto        Jamaica - Pure Chocolate Jamaica & Body Estate Martinique - Valcaco - Jean Michel Marie


Guatemala - Itzam Kakaw / Cacao Verapaz S.A. Puerto Rico - Hacienda Terruño JS         Trinidad and Tobago - Doolarie Ramdath                          Trinidad and Tobago - Shankar Teelucksingh         Trinidad and Tobago - Stephanie Omardeen


El Salvador - Cristiani Burkard S.A. de C.V. – Finca Las Vegas Guatemala - Kampura S.A.    Mexico - Juan Carlos Velázquez Bautista        Nicaragua - Sajonia Estate Coffee S.A Puerto Rico - David Valentín  South America


Brazil - Luciano Ramos de Lima     Brazil - Miriam Aparecida Federicci Vieira       Colombia - WORKAKAO Cooperativa Multiactiva Nodo Agricola Cacaotero Ecuador - Hacienda San José        Peru - Asoc. Productores Agropecuarios Valle Nazangaro de Vizcatán del Ene-Vraem, Distrito Vizcatán del Ene - Carmen Montes Taipe  Peru - Juan Laura - The Chocolate Farmer: Liliana Laura Vila


Bolivia - Asociación de Recolectores de Cacao Silvestre Yuracaré - ARCASY Bolivia - Cooperativa Brecha "T" - Martín Sipe Gutiérrez Brazil - Robson Brogni Ecuador - Pieandino Chocolates - Alfredo Cuadro Guerrero   


Peru - José Luis Perez Figueroa - Agroindustrias Conveca      Venezuela - Kattah Borhórquez      Key Figures for the 2023 Edition

• 52 cacao-producing origins participated.

• 222 cacao bean samples received, and analysed for physical and sensory qualities.

• 218 cacao bean samples accepted and processed into mass for sensory evaluation.

• 50 exceptional samples selected and processed into tempered and moulded chocolate.

• 32 experts and professional chocolate makers blindly evaluated the Best 50 samples.

• 18 Gold, 16 Silver, and 16 Bronze Awards presented at the live Ceremony on 08 February 2024.

The 2023 Cacao of Excellence Awards are presented by Cacao of Excellence, a programme hosted by the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, an international research organisation that addresses the global crises of malnutrition, climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation. The Alliance is part of CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural research and innovation partnership for a food-secure future, dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources.

The Awards were proudly hosted by Chocoa, the annual marketplace for cacao and chocolate for quality and sustainability. The 2023 Cacao of Excellence Awards were supported in partnership with the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), Guittard Chocolate, Seguine Cacao, Cocoa and Chocolate Advisors, the USDA project Maximising Opportunities for Cacao and Coffee in Latin America (MOCCA), Barry Callebaut, Cacao Barry, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Salon du Chocolat, Puratos-Belcolade, the Cocoa Research Centre of the University of the West Indies, Valrhona, Regis Bouet, Fairtrade International, TreeGether, NGSER, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Peru, the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), CATIE, Tcho, Cocoatown, Herencia, LADY AGRI, Organizzazione internazionale italo-latino americana (IILA), OFI, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Chocolatier CAS, Cacao Crudo, Binder, fkv, Eurochocolate and the Umbria Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the Cacao of Excellence Awards visit For up-to-the-minute news about the Awards follow @cacaoofexcellence on Instagram and Facebook, @cacaoexcellence on Twitter, and keep an eye out for posts using #COEA23

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of Cacao of Excellence please contact Julien Simonis, Programme Manager, Cacao of Excellence:


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[] Cacao of Excellence announces 2023 Cacao of Excellence gold, silver, and bronze award winners