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EHomeDelivery Anticipated to Go Live on September 15, 2010

EHomeDelivery, a new grocery mlm is set to go live September 2010. Right Now You are Invited to Enroll for Free with a Top Industry Leader

EHomeDelivery Anticipated to Go Live on September 15, 2010
MCCLURE, PA, August 16, 2010 ( Rhonda Wagner, creator and owner of has announced her association with eHomeDelivery, a new online grocery shopping mlm that is scheduled to go launch September 15, 2010. Rhonda is a professional full time online marketer and a successful veteran in the mlm and network marketing industry. So many industry professionals have been searching for such a company that can deliver in this arena, so the anticipated launch of this company has alot of excitement!

"EHomeDelivery will help you save money and time and offers you the convenience of ordering your groceries online, this saves you time, money, and gas! Plus the company offers free shipping on your orders and gives you a powerful income opportunity utilizing the power of Network Marketing," says Rhonda.

"Today we all have hectic lifestyles and are searching for ways to save time and money, so it creates a definite win win situation for everyone, Combine that with the power of network marketing and the ability to create a residual income simply by sharing convenience and savings on something we all do and you have a true winner for the customer and distributor alike. That's what this company has to offer everyone."

Rhonda says, "Another exciting aspect is a person can make money even if they weren't to build a huge organization. How? Well Rhonda looks at it this way, if you can save a couple hundred dollars a month on something you already buy, in essence that is putting extra money in your pocket and everybody likes that idea!"

The reception to the company has already been tremendous in just the few short days since the word began to get out about it's existence and that is exciting. Many network marketing distributors have been searching for this type of company for a long time coming because it just makes sense. What's even more exciting is right now people can get enrolled for absolutely no out of pocket cost and start building their organizations for when we go live in September, that gives you a huge advantage and makes it easy for people to get involved. You can enroll right now at Rhonda's website

Whether you are looking to save money or make money by building an incredible network marketing opportunity, EHomeDelivery offers you all that and so much more. Right Now, you can pre-enroll for free before we go live in September, so if you understand the marketplace, timing and positioning, you will realize that right now you have in front of you an incredible opportunity.

The EHomeDelivery compensation plan is easy to understand and lucrative. Offering low start up costs once we launch, high paying fast start bonuses of $30, a lucrative 10 level uni-level compensation plan, the coming ability to retain sponsorship but place people where you see fit within your organization, and experienced management, I believe you can make a great residual income unlike you've ever seen before. We are already attracting many highly successful top leaders and income earners from other companies because of the large appeal of groceries and network marketing combined!

Why EHomeDelivery?

Solid Visionary Leadership
Experienced Management Team
Exceptional Training & Support
Simple to Understand
Products we already buy every month (Groceries!)
Huge Consumable Market
Ever Growing Online Shopping Market (More and More People are discovering the convenience of shopping online)
Highly Lucrative Compensation Plan
Start Now for Free
Perfect Timing and Positioning is Now
Top Team and Top Leadership

"Those who take advantage of registering right now during the free Pre-enrollment phase will find themselves in such an extremely opportune position, and will truly be placing themselves in front of the thousands to learn about this opportunity in the coming days and months. In fact those that secure a position with me on our team, I truly believe without a doubt will be involved with one of the fastest growing and top teams in the company.

Rhonda Wagner, is a top income earner and team leader who specializes in building and designing proven turnkey marketing systems for her downline organization to help them take their business to the next level whether they are brand new to the industry or highly experienced. Rhondas' marketing systems have been proven to give you and your team the tools you need for success and just as important, gives you and your team the competitive edge. Join Rhonda Right now and you and your entire organization you can take advantage of this tremendous business building system that she has created for her EHomeDelivery Team absolutely free.

Right now, you have the advantage of joining Rhonda and being part of a proven successful team, using a highly effective Marketing System that is proven to get results and attract leaders. This system was created to with your success in mind to help you achieve great results in building your business.

Take Action Now and have the advantage of joining Rhonda and EhomeDelivery and being part of a proven successful team of leaders and having top notch training and support, not to mention the use of this highly effective marketing system to take your success to all new levels.

As a member of Rhondas' team You will get access to professional lead capture pages, a complete automated follow-up system, a full marketing site, private member area, training and much more. In fact, I don't think there is any other team that can give you more tools or experience in building a highly successful business, regardless of your experience!

Rhonda Wagner is a Professional Full time Online Marketing and Network Marketing Professional dedicated to helping others build a successful home based business.


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EHomeDelivery Anticipated to Go Live on September 15, 2010


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[] EHomeDelivery Anticipated to Go Live on September 15, 2010
EHomeDelivery, a new grocery mlm is set to go live September 2010. Right Now You are Invited to Enroll for Free with a Top Industry Leader