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New Pole Dancing Website Helps Women Discover Beauty, Grace, Mental & Physical Strength!

A new website, dedicated to helping women build self-confidence and self-esteem as they discover the beauty, grace, mental, and physical health benefits of pole dancing, was today unveiled in Vidor, Texas.

May 20, 2011 ( A new website, dedicated to helping women build self-confidence and self-esteem as they discover the beauty, grace, mental, and physical health benefits of pole dancing, was today unveiled in Vidor, Texas.

The website,, promotes not only that "pole dancing" is now a legitimate art form, but that it is a fitness craze and an artistic form of dance that spreading across Europe like a like a virus. "There is even a petition circulating to get pole dancing into the Olympics," noted Jeni Lafitte, Owner of the new website, Pole Dancing For Beginners.

With its primary targets being female, age 18 - 50, with income 25k-100k, with kids, and some college education, Jeni believes there are indeed some incredible health benefits to learning the art of pole dancing, along with increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

"Pole dancing is for any people of any age or level of physical health," Jeni said. "You can build a solid foundation of beginner pole dance moves and then increase the difficulty as you build stamina and strength."

When asked why she thinks her target audience or even editors would want to read about a mundane subject such a pole dancing, Jeni hit back defensively with an upper cut: "Pole dancing is not just a fad - that's here today and gone tomorrow. Harmless though it seems, but it's a fantastic way to increase your physical health, both in aerobic endurance and physical strength. And there is the mental side to it too. It gives women a better about themselves - emotionally, physically and sexually."

One of the solutions that pole dancing offers, according to Jeni, is in its offer of resolving the question: "Where do I start?" Or "Am I in a good enough shape?" to begin pole dancing. "It also provides the answers to questions about safety, privacy, and what to expect before you begin pole dancing - at home or in pole dancing classes," noted Jeni.

According to Jeni, one of the things that makes pole dancing stands out, is that fact that they offer the beginning pole dancer step-by-step tutorials through the process of where to start, choosing - an instructor, music, selecting dance poles, pole dance clothing, and how to avoid injuries.

Asked what prompted her to setting up this new online business, Jeni admitted: "Because we couldn't find a website dedicated to answering my questions about pole dancing beginner moves, safety, how to find a qualified instructor, what to expect in my first pole dance class, how to choose the right dance pole for me, and how to build my strength and endurance as I started to learn pole dancing."

Got similar questions? Jeni Lafitte invites you to check out her new website,, for further details.

Jeni Lafitte
Pole Dancing for Beginners
Phone: 409-769-2642
Business Mailing Address: 5135 Elm Street, Vidor, TX 77662


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[] New Pole Dancing Website Helps Women Discover Beauty, Grace, Mental & Physical Strength!
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