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Brodspec Ventures Releases the Blueprint to Creating Multiple Income Streams

An evolving system which empowers individuals with a blueprint designed to enable the creation of multiple income streams via automated marketing techniques. No prior experience necessary.

CHESTERMERE, AB, September 25, 2010 ( It is no secret that the most successful Entrepreneurs and business people have mastered the art of creating and sustaining multiple income streams into their businesses. This gives them the ability to diversify their risks, and reduce their dependence on a single source.

Now Brodspec Ventures Inc, an Alberta, Canada company, is giving everyone the opportunity to benefit from this valuable skill, by distributing access to a highly developed blueprint that enables individuals from anywhere in the world to create multiple income streams for themselves.

This system teaches anyone how to leverage the power of the internet, using a sophisticated training and personal development platform, which cuts the learning curve significantly, putting them in the position to potentially start generating an income for themselves in as little as twenty six days. The most fundamental element of this platform is ensuring learning by doing, and having access to a whole community of Entrepreneurs willing to help them.
Those who have a desire to learn about creating multiple income streams now have a real chance at actualizing their dreams.

Learn more at

Brodspec Ventures Inc is an education and empowerment company dedicated to teaching individuals how to leverage the internet to create a full time income. Visit us at


Travel Portal Serves Up Cheap Malaga Car Hire for Late Breaks

Top travel website reports a wide range of cheap Malaga car hire deals on available on its site at present to help travellers save money if going away for a late sunshine break with the kids back at school. The site presently offers car hire starting at only 10 a day*. Anyone making for the popular Spanish destination to have a bit of sunshine late in the summer season can log on to the site to enjoy the benefits of the site's comparison engine. The in addition to offering savings on car hire Malaga deals offers people bargain flights from Air France, ... - See the UK Premiere of The Song in London

The UK premiere of The Song will take place at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre, with dance enthusiasts sure to be intrigued by the latest production by Rosas. It will be available to view from October 19th to 21st 2010, with audiences set to be blown away by an energetic performance that sees ten dancers share an empty stage. This gives the whole production a stripped-down feel, which guests at Mayfair hotels may find serves to enhance the effects of all the movement taking place in front of them. Contemporary dance choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's Rosas ...

Swap Snow for Sunshine this Christmas with Headwater!

Secrets of Andalucia Surrounded by almonds, olives and orange groves, the wonderfully restored 12-room Finca El Cerillo promises a very personal and special Christmas experience. Festivities will include a traditional Spanish dinner on Christmas Eve, then a Christmas morning treasure hunt in the white village of Canillas de Albaida followed by a full Christmas lunch on Christmas Day. Departing 19 December 2010, this holiday costs GBP1,253 per person (including return BA flights from Heathrow) or GBP1,059 if you prefer to make your own travel arrangements. Vista ... - Enjoy a Drink at Melbourne's Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase

Travellers in search of an evening's entertainment during their stay in Melbourne towards the end of next month should look no further than the Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase. Taking place at Federation Square's The Atrium venue on October 20th and 21st 2010, the event is an opportunity to meet some of Victoria's best brewers and sample their finest produce. A wide array of local firms will be attending the tasting session, including 2 Brothers Brewery, Bridge Road Brewers, Holgate Brewhouse and Prickly Moses - Ostway Estate. People planning to step out from ... - Madagascar by JT Rogers to Open in Perth

Keen theatregoers will relish the chance to watch JT Rogers's Madagascar, which opens at the Playhouse Theatre in Perth towards the end of next month. The Black Swan State Theatre Company, which is behind the production, has described it as a "haunting story" following three central characters, who find themselves in the same Rome hotel looking out over the Eternal City's iconic Spanish Steps at different points in time. Over the course of the play, their individual stories are explained, including their relationship to each other and what the room means to them. However, ...

Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentist Selected for the Ultimate Makeover Team

In the spirit of ABC's Extreme Makeovers and Fox's the Swan, there is a new standard: The Ultimate Makeover. Those shows have made extreme aesthetic transformations popular nationwide, but the new program offers a twist. In the Ultimate Makeover Program, Florida's best doctors and health practitioners go beyond changing people's looks to transforming their lives. The Ultimate Team will help the less fortunate through community activism and fundraising corporate partnerships as well as through cosmetic procedures. Nottingham Consulting Group sponsored a research investigation ... - Check Out Green Vehicles at eCarTec in Munich

Eco-conscious tourists and business travellers planning to visit Munich towards the end of next month are sure to enjoy paying a visit to the eCarTec expo. Running between October 19th and 21st 2010 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, the show has a number of high-profile patrons, including Dr Angelika Niebler MEP, federal minister of transport, building and urban development Dr Peter Ramsauer and Bavarian minister of economics, infrastructure, transport and technology Martin Zeil. The event will aim to highlight the benefits of environmentally-friendly motoring ... - Cornwall's Lowender Peran Festival 'Celebrates Celtic Tradition'

The Celtic tradition is celebrated with music, dancing and storytelling at the Lowender Peran Festival in Cornwall this autumn. Travellers keen to get a real taste for some of the region's culture will be spoiled at this fun and interesting occasion, which is family-friendly so it is just as good for children as it is for adults. Although the final details of the programme have not yet been unveiled, visitors staying in some of the luxury hotels Cornwall has available can be sure they will be treated to plenty of authentic Cornish entertainment. Running from October ... - Bilbao to Showcase Portrait of Miquel Utrillo

The Santiago Rusinol painting Portrait of Miquel Utrillo is due to be put on show at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao (MBAB) this year. Hotel Bilbao guests can see this stunning picture from September 21st 2010 to January 9th 2011, with the temporary exhibition giving visitors a rare chance to take a closer look at the famous Catalan artist's handiwork. Rusinol, who was born in Barcelona in 1861, is widely accepted to have influenced fellow Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and was a leading figure in the Catalan Modernist movement. Art enthusiasts may be aware ... - Dig a Little Deeper with Barcelona's After Wolman

Visitors to Barcelona's Macba museum can find out more about one of the artists the building is exhibiting by heading to its After Wolman event. The show is connected to the arts space's I Am Immortal display of Gil J Wolman's work, which is available to view until January 9th 2011. If guests at any of the cheap hotels Barcelona has on offer decide they are going to check out the Frenchman's creations, they could find they are able to gain even more insight into his art by attending After Wolman. The event is taking place on October 15th in the Macba Auditorium, ...


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[] Brodspec Ventures Releases the Blueprint to Creating Multiple Income Streams
An evolving system which empowers individuals with a blueprint designed to enable the creation of multiple income streams via automated marketing techniques. No prior experience necessary.