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New iPad Flight Bags, iPad Kneeboard & iPad Gulfstream Mount, by MyGoFlight, to be Available at Oshkosh.

Today MyGoFlight, a company focused on the iPad In Motion for aviators, announced a series of new products that can be seen at Oshkosh. In addition, two seminars on the iPad Takes Flight! will be offered during the show.

DENVER, CO, July 21, 2012 ( Today MyGoFlight, a company focused on the iPad In Motion for aviators, announced a series of new products that can be seen at Oshkosh. This includes the official roll-out of their expanded line of iPad Flight Bags for the paperless cockpit; introduction of a line of iPad jet mounts; and a unique rotating iPad kneeboard line. In addition, they will be putting on two iPad Takes Flight! seminars during the world's greatest airshow.

The Flight Bag PLC Series of flight bags are designed from the ground up for the "Paperless" cockpit (PLC). They are durable, highly functional and very cool. The Flight Bag PLC Pro is for the pilot wanting to move from a traditional flight bag to electronic flight bag. It can transform to be either a shoulder bag or backpack. It has a specially designed, airport friendly protective pouch to hold an iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, laptop computer or other EFB devices. It can hold headsets, radios, and other gear and can be used for an overnight bag.

The new Flight Bag PLC Duffel is for the pilot wanting a modern flight bag as well as a gear bag. It is designed to hold the iPad and has a roomy center section for gear or traveling items. Headsets or gear can be placed in either specially padded end compartments. The Flight Bag PLC Duffel is a great companion to the PLC Pro for extended trips.

The iPad Kneeboard Folio was designed from the ground up by pilots, for pilots. It is a rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for the iPad made from high quality leather. The unique rotating cradle allows the iPad to be viewed in both portrait and landscape modes - perfect for reviewing approach plates in portrait and an east/west route in landscape.

The iPad can be brought into the cockpit of any airplane where it can be held secure on your knee or lap. Rich leather wraps the outside while soft and protective micro-fiber material lines the inside. The iPad is held by a form fitting ratcheting/rotating cradle that the iPad simply clips into. All of the ports and controls remain accessible so the iPad can be charged, synced and controlled when it is in its case.

iPad Jet Mounts are for pilots who want to mount their iPad in the tight cockpits of jet airplanes. The first mount available is the Sport Mount - Gulfstream. This mount will allow for an iPad to be placed in a Sport Case and mounted on the yoke of a Gulfstream. And, at $318 for the mount and iPad Sport Case, this is a fraction of the cost of other such alternatives. Made from machined aluminum, there are several adjustments, tilting and rotating options so the iPad can be positioned perfectly for the pilot and the iPad can easily be rotated in portrait and landscape positions without tools.

"The iPad continues to gain popularity and momentum in aviation, "said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. "We continue to expand and improve our products to meet the needs of pilots looking for the best gear for using their iPad both in and out of the plane. Our goal is to provide products that are highly functional, professional and cool. They are built to meet to withstand the tough environment in and around planes as well as provide usefulness at the office or home as well."

MyGoFlight is expanding its presence and will have two booths at Oshkosh this year - Hangar C, #2080 and Hangar D, #4108. The seminars on the iPad Takes Flight! are scheduled on Tuesday, 7/24 at 8:30 to 9:45 - Forum Pavilion 03 and Saturday, 7/28 8:30 to 9:45 - Forum Pavilion 02. To contact MyGoFlight, send an email to or call 303.364.7400.

About MyGoFlight
MyGoFlight provides products for the iPad In Motion for aviators and people with an active iPad lifestyle. The company's goal is to make products for the demanding and exacting needs of pilots and the cockpit environment and make them available for all. For more information, visit


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[] New iPad Flight Bags, iPad Kneeboard & iPad Gulfstream Mount, by MyGoFlight, to be Available at Oshkosh.
Today MyGoFlight, a company focused on the iPad In Motion for aviators, announced a series of new products that can be seen at Oshkosh. In addition, two seminars on the iPad Takes Flight! will be offered during the show.