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OnCell Announces New Redesign of Mobile Web Tour App

OnCell's redesign of the Mobile Web Tour App features enhanced navigational capabilities, quick loading, improved multimedia access, GeoAlerts and Analytics.

PITTSFORD, NY, October 20, 2012 ( OnCell is pleased to announce the latest redesign of its Mobile Web Tour App: The new design offers a contemporary look and a streamlined user experience. It features enhanced navigation and functionality designed exclusively for visitors at cultural sites with mobile tours powered by OnCell.

The new Mobile Web Tour App, designed for the smartphone or tablet, is icon-driven and quick to load. Visitors can access it either through QR code or by typing in a short link. It offers visitors the ability to listen to audio with perfect clarity, swipe through photos, watch videos and participate in surveys.

A true resource for tour-takers, the Mobile Web Tour App also displays site information and a link to share the tour on Facebook or Twitter and is compatible with all Smartphone operating platforms, including Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry. The new design is formatted to fit on a variety of screen sizes.

Other innovative functions include an upgraded home page designed to take visitors to their tour in just a few clicks - visitors just type in the name of the site and the tour will filter to the top of the list. Visitors may also browse for a tour by searching the list of National Park tours, Most Popular tours, or the complete list of OnCell tours.

In addition, guests using a location-aware device can locate any mobile tour and individual points of interest at a cultural site with OnCell's brand new GeoAlerts feature.

Included with the OnCell Mobile Web Tour App are OnCell's Analytics and Statistics, which offer comprehensive mobile reports on specific content accessed by visitors.

The OnCell Mobile Web Tour App is the perfect platform to reach the widest possible audience. There is no need to download an app, just enter on any smartphone, tablet or computer or scan a QR code. It's all at the visitors' fingertips. To see the new mobile website, visit

About OnCell

OnCell powers interactive mobile tour experiences for cultural institutions, including cell phone tours, QR tours, mobile web tours, mobile giving campaigns, mobile survey programs, text messaging and smartphone apps. We are mobile communication experts who are passionate about the arts and education. Visit OnCell's website at


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EU Announcement Could Impact Your Annuity Rate
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[] OnCell Announces New Redesign of Mobile Web Tour App
OnCell's redesign of the Mobile Web Tour App features enhanced navigational capabilities, quick loading, improved multimedia access, GeoAlerts and Analytics.