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Ryan Aasheim Rejoins Praxis Strategy Group

Research focus to include development of Red River Valley Research Corridor.

FARGO, ND, January 22, 2011 ( Praxis Strategy Group is pleased to announce Ryan Aasheim's return to the company. In his new associate position, Aasheim will focus on the Red River Valley Research Corridor, growing high technology industries, diversifying North Dakota's economic portfolio, creating local higher-paying jobs, and, as a result, keeping more young people in the state.

Prior to his return to Praxis, Aasheim served in several roles for retired Senator Byron Dorgan, most recently as economic development director. In this role, he worked closely with community and state leaders, economic developers, industry executives, university officials and high tech researchers to advance a wide variety of projects. Aasheim was a project analyst with Praxis before working for Senator Dorgan.

Aasheim earned his degree in business administration and minor in accounting from North Dakota State University in 2003.

About Praxis Strategy Group
Praxis Strategy Group is an economic research, strategy and development company that works with businesses, universities and government to become more competitive in a hyper-dynamic global economy. Praxis works with leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to turn ideas into opportunities and channel energy into action. Our subsidiary, Praxis Energy Group, develops community-based energy systems. Praxis Africa, headquartered in Accra, Ghana, works with the agriculture sector to identify and reach new international markets.

Dave Roby, COO
Praxis Strategy Group


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A Networking Scheduler for Anyone Operating in the Car Wash Business

This is a more powerful version of Car Wash Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network. Car Wash Calendar is a modern and extremely easy-in-use software tool for anyone operating in the car wash business. It's perfect for workers to plan working hours so that the orders do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments. It'll store the information about clients, such as their address, telephone, email and comments. This modern and extremely handy program ...

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MEGTEC Systems has announced the company will be taking part in two upcoming industry conferences. The first, the AABC Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, is scheduled for January 24, 2011, in Pasadena, California. The second event, the EUEC Conference, is scheduled to take place from January 31 to February 2, 2011, in Phoenix, Arizona. MEGTEC Systems is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of industrial equipment and services. For over forty years, MEGTEC has served a wide variety of industries, from advanced battery materials to automotive ...

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IQPC launching a survey on Companion Diagnostics

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Bayer CropScience Donates $148,895 To Passage Home

Bayer CropScience (, one of the world's top innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds and traits, has donated a total of $148,895 to the Passage Home Safety Club in the South Park neighborhood in Raleigh. The donation will build upon and expand Passage Home's partnership with Bayer CropScience that focuses on the Safety Club science and technology enrichment program for after school elementary and middle school youth. Throughout the year, Bayer CropScience's donation supports Passage ...


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[] Ryan Aasheim Rejoins Praxis Strategy Group
Research focus to include development of Red River Valley Research Corridor.