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Wind Over Water Jewelry Project Launch on Indiegogo: Fashion-forward, Baby-friendly and Socially Minded Jewelry Designs For Moms

You're all about multi-tasking. Now your jewelry does it too.

PORTLAND, OR, April 16, 2014 ( Wind Over Water Jewelry designs are exclusively through the Indiegogo Campaign. Providing fashion-forward, baby-friendly and socially-minded jewelry options to mothers.

FASHION FORWARD - an upgrade to any outfit plus unique asymmetrical designs always allow mom to remember on what side she last nursed

BABY FRIENDLY - materials that are non-toxic plus something that perks baby's interest

SOCIALLY MINDED - a partnership that helps impoverished women now plus creates a new future through access to education.
That's a lot for a necklace!

Fashion-Forward Jewelry
Our initial collection of simple and clean designs lets you upgrade any outfit, with just a pop of color. Although fashion forward for any woman, this collection is specifically aimed at giving new mom's something to help them feel put together--in a time when they may feel a bit undone. There is a lot to think about after becoming a mother--your fashion choices should be easy. The collection provides this baby friendly option for mothers with a unique eye catching asymmetrical design, that is both fashion-forward and functional in secretly reminding mom's on what side she last nursed. You are all about multi-tasking as a mom--now your jewelry does it too!

Baby-Friendly Jewelry
Beads: Made from smooth, non-toxic, lead free wood beads that are saliva proof. If baby does choose to put a necklace in his or her mouth, and can be rinsed under running water and dried with a soft cloth while maintaining their excellent quality appearance.

Ribbon: Our choice of ribbon for this collection is a Japanese made double faced satin that is both high density, strong, and non-toxic.

Clasps: A break-away closure ensures your necklace will "break away" at the clasp if pulled on too hard. While it takes an incredibly strong pull for the necklace to "break away," you can be sure this additional safety feature keeps your necklace--and you--safe.

All the pieces together create a jewelry option that moms (or anyone around babies) will love to wear, and one babies will love to look feel and play with during nursing, or bottle feeding (rather than your hair, or shirt;)!

Socially-Minded Jewelry
Your support goes directly into launching Wind Over Water and creating the initial collection of necklaces. Why is this so important in South Africa? When statisticians rate countries according to their level of inequality, the US rates as #39. South Africa rates #2. While all countries have their obstacles to overcome, doing so on the individual level often becomes even more difficult--especially for women. Nelson Mandela once said of South Africa: "I pay tribute to the mothers and wives and sisters of our nation. You are the rock-hard foundation of our struggle. Apartheid has inflicted more pain on you than on anyone else." Almost 20 years after the end of Apartheid, the effects are still ingrained. However, as women are provided access to safe income generation, and encouraged to pursue continuing education, we believe individuals, like you, can play a part in a different history being written.
The Collection

Our initial collection of the symbolic O-Ring, 3 Strand and Braided necklaces presents the signature 3 bead design, distinguishing the pieces and our commitment to partnership between you, Wind Over Water and the women making your piece. The unique 3 bead asymmetrical is both fashion forward and functional, able to secretly remind mom on what side she last nursed.

As you support Wind Over Water through our Indiegogo project, your support is recognized through your very own exclusive Wind Over Water necklace. As pieces are not available for open sales yet, the Indiegogo support will be the only way to receive one of these first necklaces. You will be a part of making this happen from the very beginning.

Mission: Wind Over Water provides fashion-forward, baby-friendly, and socially-minded jewelry options for mothers.

Vision: Just like the the wind that you never see as it changes the direction of the water, Wind over Water jewelry exists to create a partnership between women who will have a direct impact on each others lives-even though they may never actually see each other.

Wind over Water's first and primary partner is with South African organization, Threaded Dreams. Wind over Water can be confident in the ongoing training, community support, and financial education each woman receives as a part of this vital on-the-ground partnership. Threaded Dreams is a ministry committed to: Income generation through fashion jewelry, skills transfer and most importantly personal development in self worth, confidence, spiritual growth and educational programs. Focusing on those who are young head of households who are most vulnerable.


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[] Wind Over Water Jewelry Project Launch on Indiegogo: Fashion-forward, Baby-friendly and Socially Minded Jewelry Designs For Moms
You're all about multi-tasking. Now your jewelry does it too.